Soundbar vs Speaker for PC- Let’s Settle This Debate!

If you’re looking to boost your PC’s inbuilt speakers and take your entertainment experience to the next level, then you should consider adding an external sound system . Computer devotees spend a lot of time gaming, watching movies, or listening to music, but unfortunately, most people tend to overlook the sound system.

However, choosing the ideal audio system for your computer is not always a walk in the park, and you’ll often need to consider factors like the available space, sound quality, and ease of accessibility. For you to enjoy the sound experience that you deserve, you’ll often need to make a choice between a PC soundbar vs speakers.

Generally, soundbars and speakers are used to improve the computer sound significantly, and in most cases, they simulate surround sound reproduction. Much like inbuilt TV speakers, PC speakers don’t have the capacity to fill a room with sound. So, to get the best use out of your computer applications, you’ll need to find a convenient audio solution to connect to your computer.

What is a Soundbar

What is a Soundbar?

A sound bar, just as the name suggests, is a long, bar-shaped speaker system that is used to reproduce sound for TVs, PCs, MP3 players, among others. Recently, soundbars have gained popularity in the entertainment industry, and it is for good reasons. Ideally, a sound bar is regarded as a multi-purpose speaker system that provides high-quality sound reproduction without taking up much storage space.

A soundbar provides an affordable solution to most home entertainment setups, and the good thing is that most soundbars support the latest audio technologies. However, before you consider investing in this handy audio device, you may want to ask yourself; is a soundbar better than speakers?

A typical stereo/surround soundbar is intuitively designed to deliver great sound while ensuring that it adds impact to your music or movie soundtracks. Furthermore, there are very few wires to deal with, and since they feature a small footprint, they fit neatly even in tight spaces.

Generally, the idea behind soundbars is to compensate for weak TV speakers and provide powerful audio in considerably smaller setups. In addition, their convenience and ease of use make them an excellent replacement for home theater receivers.

Now, can you use a soundbar with a computer? Although they are originally designed for television sets that don’t have powerful audio, PC systems can benefit greatly from soundbars. Once connected, a soundbar helps to improve the sound quality for gaming and movies, and in some cases, it can even surpass some cheaply made PC speakers.

Another advantage of connecting your PC to a soundbar is that most support smart devices, thus making your life easier than before. What’s more, the recent influx of soundbars in the market makes them more accessible, and you can use them for just about any home entertainment application.

Setting up a soundbar is pretty straightforward, and with the availability of a range of smart technologies, integrating it into your PC system has been made easier than ever. Modern soundbars also facilitate wireless connections, which allow you to enjoy hands-free operation throughout the day.

Speakers for PC

Speakers for PC

PC speakers are loudspeakers specifically designed for use with computer systems. They allow accurate reproduction of audio while allowing you to boost the sound quality of your computer’s inbuilt speakers. Additionally, good PC speakers help ensure high-quality sound reproduction, and this will go a long way in enhancing your listening experience.

A traditional computer speaker system is made up of two speakers for the left and the right channels, respectively. However, this does not stop you from building a 5 or 7 speaker system for a true surround sound system. Adding a good speaker system to your desktop allows you to enjoy a high-quality audio fidelity while ensuring that you enjoy a perfect balance between the low notes and high-frequency sounds.

Pair of black pc speakers

If you prefer to watch movies on your laptop, the speakers allow you to enjoy all dialogues with little to no strain. Furthermore, setting up a surround sound system will definitely make your movies more enjoyable.

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of using speakers is their high cost. Ideally, setting up a basic surround sound setup tends to be more expensive when compared to buying a soundbar. It can get even more expensive when you need to buy each component separately.

However, expensive speakers do not always guarantee a great sound experience. You can still find budget computer speakers for much less that will perform just as well as high-end brands. The most important thing is to consider your preferences and your specific audio needs when shopping for computer speakers.

Soundbar vs Speaker for PC

Soundbar vs Speakers for PC—Which Wins?

At this point, we believe you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics of PC speakers and soundbars. Now how do you go about choosing between the two? Knowing the difference between a soundbar and speakers for PC will help you narrow your choices and help you decide which will work best for you.

Size is one of the most crucial factors that will come into play when deciding between a soundbar and desktop speakers. Most modern soundbars come in a sleek design, making them ideal for users looking to save more space on their desks. However, it is not uncommon to find soundbars that are up to one meter wide, although those are mostly for commercial purposes.

On the flip side, the boxy design of desktop computers makes the somewhat bulky for anyone looking to minimize clutter in their working space. While there are some speakers with some really nice design, most speakers tend to be too big compared to soundbars.

When it comes to sound quality, soundbars tend to excel in the reproduction of both stereo and surround sound. Furthermore, high-end soundbars provide good quality audio over a wide frequency range while making it easy to discern what is being said. What’s more, most soundbars come with an inbuilt amplifier for improved sound output.

While multiple PC speakers can simulate a true surround sound experience, a soundbar is the better option when it comes to delivering an accurate sound experience. This is especially true when you pair the soundbar with a good subwoofer to add the much-need low-end sounds.

That said, a soundbar is generally convenient when you need to set up your PC system in a smaller room. As your room size increases, the soundbar might struggle to deliver or even maintain the same sound output.

In such a case, a surround sound speaker setup would be the most ideal option, especially when you need to watch movies or YouTube videos on a large screen. However, it is important to note that some elite soundbars are still considerably more powerful than most PC speaker setups.

Budget-wise, soundbars present a more economical solution to anyone looking to boost their PC sound system, but within a budget. Ideally, the idea behind soundbar is to provide you with value for money while ensuring that they deliver a decent sound quality for the size. On the other hand, PC speakers cost much more, and very few budget units can deliver quality performance.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the debate between desktop speakers vs soundbars comes down to desired sound quality, budget projections, and the available space. Regardless of your needs, you may want to ensure that the option you choose provides a balance between convenience, performance, and value.

If you’re looking to build a small desktop setup or don’t have much space to spare on your desk, a soundbar is the most viable choice. A good soundbar provides an easy way to fill your room with nice lyrics while ensuring that it compliments superior graphics on your desktop screen.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to sacrifice a few bucks for a more advanced setup, then we recommend you consider investing in a speaker system. Getting a good speaker system is like a dream come true for anyone who uses their computer for entertainment around the home, plus it also enhances the overall graphical user-interface experience.

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