Samsung HW-Q600A vs HW-Q700A- Which is Best for TV?

In the recent past, soundbars have gained popularity considering that they are relatively compact than larger AV receivers and home theater speakers. A soundbar provides a convenient way to watch movies, plus it is more affordable than most surround sound systems.

Samsung has been a market leader when it comes to high-quality and affordable soundbars. The Q series especially offers clean sound and a variety of audio modes. Today we’ll take on two Samsung Q series soundbars i.e. Samsung HW-Q700A vs HW-Q600A, head to head.

These Samsung soundbars are astounding, and they will ultimately improve your listening and viewing experience. However, in every battle, there must be a winner, and that’s why in this review, we’ll provide a detailed overview of these soundbars to help you pick the most ideal for your needs.

Samsung HW Q700 vs Q600A in a nutshell

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If you’re looking for a convenient way to step up your TV sound, then you’re in the right place. A soundbar provides a significant sonic improvement without spending a fortune. Let’s begin our comparison!

Samsung HW-Q600A Review

The Samsung HW-Q600A is a true 3.1.2 soundbar system with an exclusive center channel for enhanced movie dialogue and one subwoofer that you can position anywhere in the room. In addition, the two rear up-firing speakers provide a powerful cinematic experience that Samsung is known for. Even better, the soundbar comes with mounting hardware so you can mount it on the wall or just place it on a tabletop.

Features and Benefits

Object-based sound

One thing that you’ll like about the HW-Q600A is that it comes with two up-firing speakers for that 3D bubble effect. The sound is fully compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X for a theater-quality sound that feels like it’s coming from all directions, including from above. What’s more, the 3D sound output allows you to enhance your gaming experience by incorporating a dynamic sound from above.

3.1.2 surround sound

With full support for a 3.1.2 channel setup, the HW-Q600A will deliver earth-shaking bass that will blow your speakers out of the water. That’s not all. You can add optional rear surround speakers to build a complete surround sound system for the ultimate cinematic experience. Compatible models include SWA-9500S and SWA-9100S, but they are sold separately.


If you’re looking to enjoy the best quality sound with your Samsung QLED TV, you’ll be delighted to know that this soundbar is perfectly synchronized with Samsung’s Q-Symphony. This feature lets you enjoy an excellent surround sound experience by allowing the soundbar to play sound at the same time as the TV speakers. All you need to do is connect the soundbar to a compatible TV using a HDMI or optical cable, and you’re good to go.

Customized/ Adaptive sound

Another aspect that sets Samsung soundbars apart is the ability to optimize sound based on what you’re watching. It achieves this by analyzing the characteristics of your specific audio content, which is then automatically optimized to deliver the best sound possible. Additionally, adaptive sound allows you to enjoy clear sound even when you turn down the volume.

Wireless connection

The Samsung HW-Q600A is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 to let you connect compatible devices in multiple rooms. The unit is designed to connect two devices simultaneously while allowing you to conveniently switch between connected sources. However, you may want to check whether your TV is Bluetooth compatible to enjoy this feature.

Simplified operation

One thing that you’re bound to like about this model is the ease of use. The included tap feature lets you stream music from a compatible smartphone (Android 8.1 or higher) with just a tap. However, to get the best out of this feature, you’ll need to download and install the SmartThings app on your phone to activate the setup.

What we like

  • The soundbar immerses you in captivating audio
  • You can control the soundbar with your Samsung TV remote
  • Cinematic experience without wires
  • Easy and fast Bluetooth pairing
  • Setup is pretty straightforward
  • Amazingly clear surround sound

What we don’t like

  • Weak bass compared to conventional AV receivers
  • It is compatible with 2020 QLED TV and above only
  • It does not support Wi-Fi connectivity

Samsung HW-Q700A Review

The Samsung HW-Q700A sets the standard for a soundbar system, and it delivers excellent audio quality for movie lovers and gamers alike. The HW-Q700A is a surprisingly affordable soundbar and a great fit for TVs and desktops. What’s even more outstanding about this soundbar is that it offers better audio quality than most of its budget competition, plus it comes with a wireless subwoofer to fill your room with great bass.

Samsung HW-Q700A Highlights

True cinema theater sound

With a 3.1.2 channel configuration, the Samsung HW-Q700A is a perfect definition of complete audio entertainment. The set comes with three front channels, a subwoofer, and two up-firing speakers for overhead sounds.

Dolby and DTS project sound from all directions, including from behind and above you, for a realistic 3D experience. Overall, the system is rated at 330 watts total power output (soundbar 170W, subwoofer 160W) to provide you with a more powerful and dynamic sound than your small TV speakers can provide.

Auto calibration

The Samsung HW-Q700A utilizes Samsung’s SpaceFit sound calibration technique to auto-calibrate your system to optimal settings. This technology scans the room acoustics where the soundbar is placed and adapts the sound based on your space. All you need to do is to activate the system and let SpaceFit do the work for you.

Alexa compatible

The best part about the HW-Q700A is that you use Amazon Alexa to do just about anything hands-free. With Alexa, you can operate all connected Alexa-enabled devices as well as your smart home system using your voice. Furthermore, you can use voice commands to adjust the volume of the soundbar, search for songs, adjust settings, and more.

Q-Symphony for realistic sound

Like its predecessor above, the HW-Q700A is equipped with Samsung’s Q-Symphony, which works with compatible QLED TVs to deliver spatial sound. The two (TV and soundbar) are synchronized perfectly to deliver extra powerful and immersive audio at the same time. The best part yet is that you can connect the two using a HDMI or optical cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth.

What we like

  • Much like the HW-Q600A, the Samsung HW-Q700A includes the Adaptive sound mode
  • Simple operation thanks to SmartThings control app and tap sound feature
  • Support Hi-Res audio formatting
  • It optimizes audio to fit any listening environment
  • Convenient wireless connection using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Crystal clear sound

What we don’t like

  • The bass is a little lacking(not boomy), but the overall sound quality is pretty good for the price

Samsung HW-Q600A vs HW-Q700A—Our Final Take

These Samsung soundbars are definitely worth it, and they offer a better sound quality than you’d get from TV speakers alone. The best part about these receivers is that they provide synchronization with the existing QLED TV, making your system work like a single unit.

However, after testing both models inside out, the Samsung HW-Q700A seems to beat its predecessor in several ways. The HW-Q700A offers incredibly rich sound and excellent fidelity for music and movies. Furthermore, its soundstage is relatively better, plus it provides Wi-Fi connectivity.

In addition, the HW-Q600A is not compatible with Alexa. This voice assistant feature is only available in HW-Q700A and newer models. That said, the HW-Q600A is an equally handy option, and it features impressive build quality. The unit packs a punch, so it will definitely boost your viewing experience, but the HW-Q700A seems more advanced.

However, we’ll not impose on you any model. At the end of the day, both models serve their purpose while ensuring that your TV experience will never be the same again. We hope that this Samsung HW Q700A vs Q600A comparison has demystified the confusion about these closely related models.

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