Yamaha TSR 700 vs. Denon AVR S750H Receiver—A Detailed Comparison

The AV receiver is an integral component of a home theater system. Ideally, it is the driving force behind any home theater, and this calls for a high-quality AV receiver. However, AV receivers are not made equal, and it is not always obvious which one will suit you best, and which one might not.

Yamaha TSR 700 and Denon AVR S750H are some of the most notable models when it comes to AV receivers. Both receivers have crucial features in common, but there are also several differences that you’ll need to examine before you make the right purchase decision.

The primary difference between the two receivers is that Yamaha TSR 700 is a 7.1 receiver that is designed to add more depth to your sound and give you a truly immersive surround sound experience.

On the other hand, Denon AVR S750H is a 7.2 channels receiver. The receiver incorporates all the components of the Yamaha TSR 700, but it has one additional subwoofer to give your sound some more oomph.

In this post, we’ll have an in-depth comparison of these two big brands and see if we have a winner.

Without further delay, let’s see how these two receivers compare.

Yamaha TSR 700 vs. Denon AVR S750H Receiver at a glance

Product TitleYamaha TSR 700Denon AVR S750H
Number of channels77
Output wattage per channel100 watts at 8 ohms ((20Hz-20kHz)75 watts at 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz)
Connectivity technologyHDMI, MusicCast Surround, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Phono InputHEOS, Bluetooth, HDMI, Phono input, Wi-Fi
Dolby AtmosYesYes

Yamaha TSR 700 Receiver Review

Yamaha TSR 700 is a sleek home theater receiver that is loaded with essential features to offer excellent sound quality. The receiver has seven channels of amplification. This configuration means it will provide power to the center, right, left, right surround and left surround speakers, and two additional surround channels (right rear surround and left rear surround).

Notable features

Dolby Atmos-enabled: The TSR 700 is ideal for powering the standard five speakers and subwoofer setups (5.1) and two additional speakers (whether in-ceiling or upward-firing speakers). However, you can also choose to add a pair of Dolby Atmos elevation speakers to add a new dimension to the overhead sound effects. With these speakers, surround sound comes alive and from all directions, which provides you with captivating and engulfing audio.

DTS:X formatting: DTS:X is a surround sound format technology that directs sound where it is naturally supposed to be. This technology allows you to enjoy a true-to-life surround sound experience and multi-dimensional audio. It also incorporates a DTS Neural: X technology which gives you the option to add non- DTS:X encrypted content but in an immersive way.

CINEMA DSP 3D: The TSR 700 provides a wide sound field using the company’s proprietary DSP technology that uses sound field data and 3D digital signal processing. The technology lets you enjoy a natural 3D sound field that resembles an actual concert hall or movie theater but at the comfort of your home.

Compressed music enhancer: Once you compress your music to digital formats like MP3, the frequency response might be compromised. However, Yamaha TSR 700 is equipped with a compressed music enhancer to compensate for the lost frequencies.

The enhancer also adds more depth and detail to your music while allowing you to experience a lively sound that can be matched to the original version. However, this function might not work for signals above 48 kHz.

Improved media and gaming: The Yamaha TSR 700 includes several media and gaming features to improve your overall gaming and movie experience. They include ALLM, QMS, VRR, and QFT. These technologies not only provide a smooth transition for gaming and videos but also provide for real-time interactions.

What we like about Yamaha TSR 700

  • Unlimited entertainment possibilities
  • It comes with a setup guide app to help you with the setup and initial settings
  • Perfect for Dolby Atmos system
  • It lets you enjoy 3D sound fields
  • Plenty of inbuilt music streaming options, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri to allow for hands-free operation
  • A phono input is included to allow you to connect to your turntable
  • MusicCast Surround enabled—this provides a solution to spaces that makes it hard to run speaker wires

What we don’t like

  • Subscription is needed for some services like Pandora and Spotify, which means extra cost
  • One more subwoofer would be nice

Denon AVR S750H Receiver Review

Denon AVR S750H is a 7.2 channel home theater receiver with plenty of connectivity options including, Bluetooth, HEOS, Apple Airplay, Wi-Fi, and more. Just like Yamaha TSR 700, the AVR S750H is designed to bring the best out of your home theater system. However, the additional subwoofer takes it a notch higher, which also provides cleaner bass effects.

The unit offers a total of 6 HDMI inputs so you can connect your TV, PC, gaming system, and more. Equally important, it is equipped with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri voice control commands.

Notable features

Immersive 3D surround sound: The Denon AVR S750H lets you enjoy an immersive multi-dimensional sound all while giving you flexible sound options. One way to achieve this is to go with the standard 5.2 channel configuration and repurpose the additional two speakers as either in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Alternatively, you can add two Atmos elevation speakers to make your music come alive all around the room.

Exceptional resolution: The AVR S750H lets you experience movies and show like never before using the newest 4K UHD video. In addition, this video technology translates into high-detailed and cleaner-looking videos. It also includes the exciting HDR technology that offers outstanding color and contrast to make your movie experience come to life.

Built-in HEOS: The inbuilt HEOS connectivity technology allows you to access unlimited music sources. You can use it to access your personal music library as well as high-ranking streaming services including, Pandora, TIDAL, and Spotify. That’s not even the best part.

The included HEOS app lets you expand your entertainment system by integrating the receiver into a wireless audio setup. That means that you can place speakers in any room and control individual speakers independently using the app.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa: The AVR S750H is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, which uses speech recognition to execute various commands. You can use this assistant to switch between inputs, adjust volume as well change your tracks without the need to use the remote. The receiver also works AirPlay 2 to play Apple Music through Siri voice assistant.

Easy setup: Denon offers an on-screen setup assistant to guide you through the setup process. It comes with simple-to-follow instructions so you can easily connect your components and tune your EQ settings for an optimal surround sound experience. Additionally, the unit uses Audyssey calibration for accurate setup and to optimize each channel in the home theater system.

What we like about Denon AVR S750H

  • Multi-dimensional surround sound for a completely immersive experience
  • Voice control operation
  • Exceptional audio and video quality
  • High-Resolution audio
  • Handy on-screen setup guide
  • Built-in Bluetooth that lets you stream music from any smart device

What we don’t like

  • Just like with Yamaha TRS 700, a subscription is required for you to access some services
  • Even with the setup guide, setting up the receiver can prove a complex task for a first-timer

Parting shot!

So which receiver is better? Yamaha TSR 700 or Denon AVR S750H? Both receivers are made to provide an immersive home theater experience while the users easily connect to multiple audio sources. They are similar in terms of features, but they are not equal either. That is to say, there is no right or wrong model, but it all depends on your specific needs.

Yamaha TSR 700 is an AV receiver with excellent and spacious surround sound that matches its great looks. On the other hand, the Denon AVR S750H takes the advantage of the two subwoofer outputs to give you a clearer and accurate bass response, making it ideal for high-end movie watching.

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Hopefully, this Denon AVR S750H and Yamaha TSR-700 review have guided you to break down the unique differences between the two receivers.

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