Polk Audio PSW108 vs PSW10: Which is Best for Bass?

Some audio setups do not always require a subwoofer to produce good sound, but adding one or two will surprisingly add oomph to your audio experience. To achieve great bass, you’ll need to go for a subwoofer with the best materials and engineering.

Polk’s PSW series employ superior materials and technology to provide you with a punchy bass that you can hear and feel. So, today we’re going to have a head-to-head match between Polk Audio PSW10 vs PSW108.

They are both designed for compact home theater systems as a starter or small room subs. However, they are not always what your sound system needs, which begs the question, what is the difference between Polk PSW10 and PSW108?

Generally, Polk PSW10 gives you more for less. It enhances your music listening and overall home theater experience with a deep and impactful bass.

On the other hand, the PSW108 comes with plenty of power to provide deep bass that really adds to the movie experience. And just like the former, it comes in a compact design, making it a great candidate for use in areas where high-powered subwoofers won’t fit. However, it comes with a hefty price tag than PSW10.

Ready to know which is best for your sound system? Well, let’s get started

Polk PSW10 vs PSW108: Specs compared

Product TitlePolk Audio PSW108Polk Audio PSW10
Size10 inches10 inches
Port firingFront-firingFront-firing
Frequency for low-pass80-160 Hz80-160 Hz
Frequency response40-160 Hz40-160 Hz
EnclosureBass reflexBass reflex
Recommended amplifier power50W RMS
100W Max
100W Max

Polk PSW 108 Review

The Polk Audio is an absolute powerhouse for subwoofers, and the PSW108 does not come short of that. It boosts the lowest end of your audio system, which relieves the main speakers from reproducing bass. The 10-inch woofer performs just like a full-sized subwoofer but without taking all your home theater space. The PSW108 is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized rooms.

Polk Audio PSW108 Features

Contemporary woofer design: The PSW108 features a powerful 10″ woofer to add some serious bass to your movies and music. The woofer is driven by an inbuilt 50-watt RMS amp, which helps deliver solid and accurate bass while allowing you to play at loud volumes without distortion. The amp provides enough power for a comprehensive bass response that is crucial for reproducing of life-like sound.

Front-firing port: The subwoofer features a front-firing port that directs punchier and more accurate lows to the sitting area. The unreflected sounds add a cinema-like performance to your movies and music without breaking the bank. However, since it is designed to radiate bass directly from the front, you cannot face the port directly against the wall.

Sturdy MDF construction: The cabinet is made using non-resonant MDF, which helps deliver the best sound quality. It is also reinforced with internal bracing to minimize panel resonance and distortion for superior sound clarity. The subwoofer is also optimized with Klippel technology to provide clean bass and better linearity, even at high volume levels.

Multiple inputs and controls: The PSW108 is easy to integrate into any home theater system thanks to its numerous outputs and speaker/line-level inputs. You can use these inputs to hook up your receiver to the sub for the best performance possible. It also offers multiple controls that let you tune your subwoofer for more accurate bass response.

They include independent volume control, auto switch, power-saver on, and a toggle phase switch. What’s more, the sub offers a variable low pass crossover (80-160 Hz) that lets you integrate the subwoofer with the rest of your system.

Timbre-matched: Polk Audio PSW108 is timbre-matched with other Polk loudspeakers to ensure that it will perfectly blend into your existing system. You can pair this subwoofer with Polk’s Monitor and T series, among other Polk audio speakers.

What we like

  • It is a powered subwoofer, so you don’t need an external amplifier
  • Rich and detailed bass
  • It is built to last
  • Attractive, detachable grille
  • Compact size that fits out nicely
  • The controls make this subwoofer easy to use

What we don’t like

  • The RMS is slightly on the lower side
  • It is not the loudest 10-inch sub

Polk PSW10 Review

If yearning for a booming bass for a tight space, you may want to consider the Polk Audio PSW10. This super-compact 10″ subwoofer delivers big bass, yet it can fit much smaller enclosures. It delivers a whopping 100W max, so you drive it to the extreme without worrying. Besides, you can customize your system to suit your audio preferences.


Extra punchy bass: The PSW10 comes with a 10-inch woofer to offer you a balanced and powerful bass response in small to mid-sized spaces. The driver is made from Polymer composite material to make it lightweight but rigid. Additionally, it delivers a wide frequency range (40-160 Hz) to handle most of the low-end sounds, but it does not cover the broad sound spectrum offered by more extensive and expensive models.

Front-firing subwoofer design: The PSW10 also comes with a uniquely shaped front-firing port to provide you with extra punch and accurate bass for any music genre. The port is designed to project sound into the air enabling the sub to reproduce maximum bass impact. In addition, the cabinet is perfectly tuned to dampen and minimize resonance while ensuring a distortion-free low-end performance.

Easy connections: Polk Audio PSW10 offers multiple inputs and output, making it easy to match your sub with the rest of the components. For instance, you can connect the subwoofer to your receiver using the speaker/line-level input. It also offers two RCA line inputs and a volume control knob to let you adjust the sub’s volume independently.

Loud and clear sound: The PSW10 comes equipped with a high-roll foam surround designed to provide extended excursion for a more precise sound at any volume level. This surround will also withstand years of heavy use while letting you enjoy a thrilling music experience. And just like PSW108, this Polk sub is timber matched with other Polk speakers for easy integration into your existing system.

What we like

  • Easy setup with any home theater
  • The bass is not overpowering
  • Good punch for its size
  • It is compatible with most home theater designs
  • Attractive design

What we don’t like

  • You may experience vibration at extreme volume levels
  • Could be louder

Polk Audio PSW108 vs PSW10: Final Verdict

From the above comparison, you’ve probably noticed that both Polk PSW108 and PSW10 have a lot in common. The overall size of the woofers is the same, ports and internal bracing of the cabinet are also the same. The specifications are also identical, so it all comes down to the price difference.

If you aren’t sure which model to go with, you can begin by evaluating your sound expectations and how long you plan to keep the subwoofer.

If you’re just after a minor step up for your home theater audio experience, the PSW10 is a solid option. On the other hand, if you’re intending to keep the subwoofer for a while, then it is a good idea to invest in a high-end sub like the PSW108.

We believe that as you scale up the cost, you’ll also be stepping up the quality, which translates to better sound quality.

However, we’ll not impose any model on you, so we’ll leave you to scrutinize this Polk PSW108 vs PSW10 step-by-step comparison and decide for yourself.

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