Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa: Choose the Right One

Over the years, Klipsch has established itself as a brand that releases outstanding designs to offer exceptional performance to its esteemed customers. Today, our attention shifts to some of its top-quality speakers, the Klipsch R-26FA vs R-625FA. Both speakers have a 2-way channel design featuring a 1-inch LTS tweeter and top-firing 5.25-inches cone woofer in their height channels.

The Klipsch R26FA speaker gives maximum performance when used in a smaller-sized room. And the joy of it all is that you don’t have to break the bank to be a proud owner of this state-of-the-art speaker. On the other hand, the Klipsch R625FA delivers stellar performance in considerably large spaces. However, you’ll need to spend more on this speaker but rest assured that the bucks are worth it. In any case, why not compromise on performance and turn your living room into a concert arena?

That’s said, let’s compare these two giant models side by side.

Klipsch R-625FA vs R26FA Speakers General Specs Comparison

We found it worthwhile to compare and contrast the specifications of Klipsch R625FA vs R26FA speakers before we review them independently.

Product TitleKlipsch R-26FAKlipsch R-625FA
Dimensions40 x 9.4 x 17.3 inches39 x 7.8 x 16.25 inches
Frequency response38Hz – 21kHz +/- 3dB38Hz – 24kHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity96 dB @ 2.83V/1M97dB @ 2.83V / 1M
Crossover Frequency2000 Hz1800 Hz
High Frequency Drivers1-inch LTS tweeter
90 x 90 square Tractrix Horn
1-inch aluminum diaphragm compression
90 x 90 square Tractrix Horn
Low-Frequency DriverCopper spun IMG woofers (6.5“)Copper Spun magnetically shielded IMG Woofers (6.5“
EnclosureRear-firing Tractrix ports for Bass reflexFront-firing port for Bass-reflex
Cabinet FinishWood Grain vinyl with black textureBrushed black polymer

Klipsch R-26FA Floorstanding Speakers Review

The Klipsch R-26FA floor standing speaker should be your perfect pick if you’re looking for a sound system that will enhance your surround sound systems. Now on the big question, other than its affordability, what are some of the loaded features of this speaker?

A Refined Design

First, there’s an elevation channel at the cabinet’s top. This allows the LTS tweeter and IMG woofer to be placed upward. This upward elevation has an inbuilt Dolby Atmos system that allows the 26FA speakers to fire the sound off the ceiling to give you an immersive experience.

The speaker’s MDF cabinet material is perfectly-damped acoustically to reduce unwanted vibrations and distortion from the R-26A speakers. In addition, the beautiful black brushed polymer finish allows the speaker to tone perfectly with most of your room’s interior color schemes.

The speakers also have a robust and removable grille that prevents objects from damaging the speaker.

Front-Firing Bass Port

Focusing on the low frequencies is worth it as a movie lover or just an audiophile hooked to good music. Klipsch knows this, and that’s why they presented to you the bass reflex enclosure with its front-firing bass port.

There are magnetically shielded front-firing 6.5” copper spun IMG woofers to prevent the speakers from distortion resulting from undesirable sonic interference. And there’s more. The woofers offer an exceptional low-frequency response and minimal cone breakup. Thanks to the utmost rigidity offered by these IMG woofers.

The LTS Aluminum Tweeter

LTS (Linear travel suspension) tweeter helps minimize sound distortion to deliver a detailed and highly enhanced performance. You’ll never have to worry about the highs produced by this speaker’s main and height channels.

Klipschorn Technology

The Klipsch R-26F tower speakers feature the Hallmark 90×90 Tractrix Horn technology blended with an LTS aluminum tweeter. This delivers irresistible highs, powerful dynamics, and enhanced stereo imaging. Therefore, you’ll always get a clean and life-like sound in your living room.

It contains a strong, flexible, removable grille that adds a rich, refined look that is acoustically transparent.


  • A perfect pick for small-sized rooms
  • They are Dolby Atmos compatible
  • Their elegant black finish easily integrates with most decor
  • Durable and robust cabinet
  • Its drivers help minimize sound distortion.
  • Has multiple inputs: Bi-wire, Dual binding posts, and Bi-amp


  • Its weight of 52 lbs can be quite bulky
  • The sound performance reduces as the size of the room increases.

Klipsch R-625FA Floorstanding Speakers Review

From 2018, the Klipsch reference series released a new giant with better portability and mind-blowing performance, the Klipsch R-625FA. It’s designed to work as a tower speaker with the addition of upward-firing drivers that mirror back the sound off the ceiling to give you an immersive experience.

Let’s explore some features that make the R625FA Floorstanding speaker worth buying.

Excellent Design and Build

The Klipsch 625FA speakers have a wood-grain vinyl cabinet finish with a black texture that makes your speaker sturdy and durable. Their floor-standing design makes them perfect for left and right speakers in your home stereo system. Lastly, the 49 pounds make them a better match for portability than the R26FA speakers.

Dolby Atmos Compatible

The Dolby Atmos effect in its elevation speakers allows sound to be reflected from the ceiling to every spot in your living room. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about having a solitary sweet spot in your room because you feel the vibe from every place in the room.

High and Low-Frequency Drivers

The high crossover frequency (2000 Hz) allows the Klipsch 625FA to filter sound frequency before it’s transmitted from your speaker system. For this reason, Klipsch 625FA designed drivers that perfectly handle the highs and lows coming from your speakers.

High frequencies are handled by a one-inch LTS tweeter and a 90 x 90 square Tractrix Horn, while the copper spun IMG woofers deal with the lows.

The LTS tweeter minimizes distortion and brings out a clear and detailed performance. They also contain a Kapton material used in the tweeter suspension to provide electrical insulation even at low heat gradients.

The speakers feature 6.5 inches copper spun IMG woofers cones on the main channel and 5.25-inches woofer on the elevation channel. Injection-molded graphite (IMG) and spun copper make the woofer light and taut to withstand deep lows even at extreme volumes.

Multiple Input Options

Need to connect the Klipsch R-625FA floor-standing speakers to an amplifier or a receiver? It’s simple! Use the gold-plated and spring-loaded binding posts to connect the speaker with the amplifier and feel the extended performance.


  • Low distortion at high volumes
  • Excellent performance in large rooms
  • Much extended durability
  • They produce accurate and crispy-clear sounds
  • Support multiple features for different channels


  • Lack wireless connectivity and Bluetooth.
  • Costly to buy
Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa

Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa: Final Verdict

The Klipsch R26FA vs R625FA Reference series speakers have proven to be a force to reckon with in the marketplace today. Although these Floorstanding speakers have some featured differences, the sound quality they deliver is worth a mention.

The Klipsch R26FA speaker is perfect for users who need quality sound for smaller rooms. Still, if you’re on a budget, these speakers will serve you well for fewer bucks. However, if sound performance and carefully-sorted features come before price, we highly recommend the Klipsch R-625FA Floorstanding speakers. The speaker delivers an impeccable performance when used in a sizable living room without compromising on the sound quality.

However the decision to choose between Klipsch 26FA vs 625FA comes down to affordability vs room size.

We hope that the Klipsch 26FA vs 625FA Tower speakers helped solve the dilemma. But if you are still in looking for a few more options, please read Polk Audio S55 vs Polk Audio S60.

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