Klipsch RP 500M vs RP 600M: Review and In-depth comparison

Klipsch is known for producing premium speakers for home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles across the globe. They combine performance and design to offer you speakers that meet your sound requirements and budget.

They also provide compact and superior bookshelf speakers that are not only easy to blend with your décor but also provide a stellar performance.

Klipsch’s Reference series comes in a compact size, but they pack a significant punch for their size. However, comparing their huge collection of models side by side can be confusing and take a lot of time.

Today we’ll take on Klipsch RP 500M vs RP 600M to help you determine the best option for you. We’ll review both the good and ugly sides of the speakers so you can pick the right one for your home theater needs.

Both speakers are ideal for building a high-impact home theater system, but that’s doesn’t mean you can use either for your sound system requirements.

Klipsch RP 500M is a mid-sized pair of bookshelf speakers that are designed to blend with any décor. The speakers come in a compact size to fit in tight spaces without compromising performance.

Klipsch RP 600M, on the other hand, is relatively larger than RP 500M, and it is designed to add natural and clean sound to your home theater system. It also delivers impressive power handling and a comprehensive feature set for spectacular sound quality.

That said, let’s start with a quick overview.

Side by Side Comparison Table

Product TitleKlipsch RP 500MKlipsch RP 600M
Tweeter size1 inch1 inch
Woofer size5.25 inches6.5 inches
Power range75 watts RMS
300 watts Peak

100 watts RMS
400 watts Peak
Sensitivity93 dB96 Db
Frequency response48-25k Hz45-25k Hz
Impedance8 Ohms8 Ohms

Klipsch RP 500M Review

The RP 500M is a part Klipsch Reference series for a good reason. It brings incredible cinema-like performance to your living room at a budget price tag. Klipsch RP 500M comes with two bookshelf speakers that will blow you away with their sound quality. The compact set also boasts of a massive sound that is capable of bringing your music and movies to life.

Key features

Two-way Klipsch speakers: The bookshelf speakers come in a two-way speaker design that delivers a powerful bass performance and stunning highs. The speakers are rated at 75 watts RMS power and a frequency response ranging from 48 Hz to 25 kHz for a vibrant and detailed sound.

The speakers incorporate a 5.25-inch spun copper cerametallic woofer to deliver an awesome bass response. The woofer is housed in a stamped-steel basket to improve its efficiency and minimize distortion.

The design also includes Klipsch’s signature 1″ LTS vented tweeter to fulfill your desire for detailed and bright highs for your favorite tracks. The tweeter is lightweight yet rigid, which helps minimize standing waves for a smoother high-frequency performance.

Hybrid Tractrix horn: Apart from the excellent woofer design, the RP 500M comes in a Tractrix horn design, which helps deliver a smooth frequency response. This design directs the high frequencies towards the listeners instead of scattering in all directions. The horn features a molded silicon face which is integrated into a 90 x 90 horn to reduce resonance, and ensure clean and natural sound.

Rear bass reflex port: Both speakers are fitted with a rear horn-shaped rear port instead of the traditional round vent found on most speakers. This port is perfectly matched to the drivers to ensure maximum airflow. This interaction results in a deep and impactful bass with minimal port noise.

Note: Since the ports are at the back, you’ll need to keep a distance from the walls to create enough room for sufficient air circulation.

Perfect finishing: The RP 500M comes in an attractive walnut and ebony finishing to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home décor. The baffles are scratch-resistant, so the speakers are designed to take a beating. Besides, the magnetic grilles not only provide protection to internal components but also compliment your entire home theater system.


  • No noticeable distortion even at high volumes
  • Efficient 2-way speaker design
  • Attractive grilles
  • Keyhole slots are included for effortless wall-mounting
  • The Klipsch RP-500 price is incomparable to the decent performance it offers


  • Midrange performance could be better
  • The rear ports render them inefficient for use applications near walls

Klipsch RP 600M Review

Klipsch has invested a lot into their Reference series, and the RP 600M is yet another proof of it. Much like the RP 500M, this unit comes in a pair to provide you with the best stereo or home theater experience possible. The build quality of the speakers is also superb, and they are probably the bang bookshelf speaker you can buy.

Key features

High-efficient two-way speaker design: Like its small sibling, the RP 600M comes in a two-way speaker construction for high-performance sound. It delivers up to 100W RMS (400W Peak) and a wide frequency response from 45 Hz to 25 kHz. However, these Klipsch speakers feature a massive 6.5-inch spun-copper woofer to fill your living space with punchy and robust bass. The woofer is enclosed in a stamped-steel basket to enhance its efficiency. The design also integrates a 1″ LTS tweeter, which is designed to minimize high frequencies distortion.

Bi-wire/bi-amp capability: The speakers’ dual input terminals are probably one of the unique features that set the RP 600M apart from RP 500M. These inputs let you bi-wire or even bi-amp your speakers so you can enhance their performance. Bi-wiring helps isolate the low and high frequencies current into different cables for a cleaner-sounding range.

On the other hand, bi-amping allows you to provide more power to your speakers using your amplifier or receiver of choice.

Hybrid horn design: Like any other Klipsch speaker, the RP 600M is designed using their proprietary Hybrid Tractrix horn technology. This unique design directs the high-frequency waves towards your sitting area while providing for a wider listening area. It also helps to keep reflections to the minimum resulting in a cleaner sound at all volume levels.

Scratch-free finishing: The RP 600M also boasts of an elegant finishing that will compliment your home interior décor. The speakers rock a combination of scratch-resistant walnut and ebony baffles which also mean they are pretty solid.

Rear Tractrix port: These bookshelf speakers offer a Tractrix vent to facilitate a smooth and efficient movement of air in and out of the speakers. The port also leads to increased air volume resulting in robust sound and powerful bass performance. In addition, the location of the port helps to reduce noise and distortion, especially at low-end frequencies.


  • Streamlined look
  • Massive sound in a relatively compact package
  • Quality you can see and hear
  • Dynamic hybrid horn design
  • The set can be powered by any decent amp or receiver


  • The midrange is lacking
  • The price is quite high since the RP 500M is nearly perfect

Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M: Which one sounds better?

Klipsch RP 500M and RP 600M are probably the fiercest competitors in Klipsch’s Reference lineup. Both bookshelf models incorporate Klipsch’s patented technologies and are ideal for tight spaces. The build quality and finishing are similar, making it even harder to tell the two models apart.

The main difference between the two is the woofer size, price, and power handling capacity. The RP 600M uses a relatively large woofer size, making it perfect for medium-sized rooms. It also offers more power for producing room-shaking bass when paired with a good sub. On the other hand, the RP 500M is ideal for small living spaces, but it is equally efficient and way cheaper than the RP 600M.

Ultimately the ideal choice between RP-600M vs RP-500M will be based on your application needs and budget projections.

We’ll leave you to choose the best model depending on your needs.

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