Edifier S2000MKIII vs. S2000pro: Choose the Right One

Bookshelf speakers are meant to take less physical space, and you can place them on a table, bookshelf, or any other elevated surface. They are specifically made to reproduce sound in small living spaces since they don’t put out as much bass. However, you can always add a subwoofer if you need a complete and satisfying bass performance.

Like other types of speakers, doing a little research before choosing your set of bookshelf speakers will certainly pay off. However, choosing a speaker that suits you can challenging considering that there are so many speaker brands in the market.

It can get even more confusing when you narrow it down to two models from one of the most well-known manufacturers, such as Edifier.

We’ve reviewed Edifier S350DB vs. S360DB before. Today the battle is between Edifier S2000pro vs. S2000MKIII.

Edifier S2000MKIII is a powered set of two bookshelf speakers that are designed to provide a stellar performance in a compact package. These speakers are ideal for a bookshelf and desktop placement, and they are perfect stereo speakers for any smart device such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

On the other hand, Edifier S2000pro is loaded with a wealth of features and functionalities that you need for an even more luxurious listening experience. And just like other bookshelf speakers, the S2000pro is a breeze to set up on a bookshelf, tabletop, or desktop. It also lets you take advantage of its extensive connectivity to elevate your sound experience.

We’ll have an in-depth comparison between the two models and provide you with some important insights that will help you pick the right bookshelf speakers for you.

Let’s begin!

Product TitleEdifier S2000MKIIIEdifier S2000pro
Total power outputL/R (treble): 15W+15W RMS
L/R (mid-range bass): 50W + 50W RMS
L/R (treble): 12W+12W RMS
L/R (mid-range and bass): 50W + 50W RMS
Signal-to-noise ratio≥90dBA≥94dBA
Frequency response45Hz-40KHz48 Hz to 20 kHz
Bluetooth5.0 with aptX HD4.0 with aptX
Inputsoptical, coaxial, RCAOptical, coaxial, XLR ,RCA/AUX

Edifier S2000MKIII Review

Edifier S2000MKIII is a powerful and versatile pair of bookshelf speakers that are designed to offer you the best listening experience whether they are for your TV, PC, or gaming console. The set presents you with versatile and visually arresting speakers that are designed to produce a highly detailed and dynamic sound. Besides, both speakers come in a classic wooden construction and PVC side panels that are easy to blend with any décor.

Edifier S2000MKIII Features

Premium audiophile components

The S2000MKII is equipped with planar diaphragm tweeters, which offer high sensitivity than conventional dome tweeters for a better high-frequency performance. The speakers are also built with 5.5-inch aluminum woofer drivers to deliver powerful and audiophile-quality audio. Another noteworthy feature is the inbuilt Bluetooth that lets you stream superior quality audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Independent adjustment of various functions

One thing that you really like about the S2000MKIII is the fact that you can adjust the volume, bass, and treble independently. The speakers are fitted with a control knob for each function to protect you and the speakers from harmful frequencies. While the speakers are made from wood, the knobs are made from durable metal to give your speakers a professional look.

Multiple inputs for seamless connections

The Edifier S2000MKIII lets you connect several devices using RCA, line-in, coaxial, or optical inputs without the need to swap them now and then. This means that you can hook up multiple devices, such as a laptop or gaming console to the same speaker, at the same time.

Four listening presets

The Edifier S2000MKIII offers four EQ preset modes to let you enjoy any music genre. The equalization modes include the classic mode for all classical music with an infusion of Hi-Fi (high fidelity) sound reproduction. On the other hand, the vocal mode lets you experience the vocals exactly the way the artist intended. Alternatively, you can swap between Monitor and Dynamic modes to ensure accurate sound reproduction and add a little fun to your sound.

An onboard remote control

The included remote control is a convenient feature that allows you to adjust the volume, change EQ mode, or even switch the speakers on/ off at the comfort of your couch. It also saves you from the hassle of having to press the speakers’ buttons constantly.

What we like

  • Warm, life-like sound quality
  • A modern design that looks great with any décor
  • You can adjust different functions independently
  • Wireless operation
  • It includes a clear and large OLED LCD display that lets you see the input selected

What we don’t like

  • It lacks bass response, but you can also add a sub to improve your sound
  • Some users report that the remote is cheaply made

Edifier S2000pro Review

When it comes to high-performance bookshelf speakers, Edifier S2000pro is worth mentioning. The pair sounds fantastic, better than anything you’ve heard in the price range. The speakers are controlled wirelessly with a remote control to let you enjoy amazing sound quality with added convenience. You can use the remote to adjust the volume and various speaker settings wirelessly.

Other notable features of Edifier S2000pro include;

Aluminum woofer cone

The S2000pro is made using premium quality materials to deliver audiophile-grade audio performance. They include the high-strength 5.5″ aluminum woofer cone that not only makes your sound unique but also free from distortion. The speakers are also fitted with a DSP electronic crossover to ensure the woofer delivers precise and distortion-free low-frequency performance.

Elegance at its best

The style and elegant construction of the Edifier S2000pro make it stands out from the crowd. The design includes stylish wood baffle plates and a metallic surface grill that is made to enhance the speaker lifespan and complement your home décor. In addition, the level of professionalism that goes into the construction of these speakers appeals to people from all walks of life.

Adjustable controls

Much like its small sibling above, the S2000pro is equipped with three knobs that let you adjust the volume, treble, and bass to fit your preferences. The knobs are placed on the rear panel to ensure that they are easy to access.

In addition to this, the panel also houses a set of inputs to enable you to get the most from your speakers. They include the RCA inputs for both RCA and AUX connections as well as optical and coaxial inputs for an enhanced listening experience. It also comes with extra XLR inputs to enable you to connect the speakers with a mixer for studio use.

Digital amplifier chips

S2000Pro is engineered with three different digital amplifier chips to ensure that the speaker delivers nothing but the best sound quality. The first one is used to control bass and treble while ensuring that they don’t interfere with other functions. The other one runs the woofer cone, while the third one is strictly dedicated to the amplifier. The chips go a long way in ensuring that your speakers are perfectly optimized so you can enjoy great sounds during playback.

What we like

  • High-quality built
  • The speakers are engineered with cutting edge sound technologies
  • Multiple inputs to let you enjoy your favorite jams from different audio sources
  • We really liked the stylish grill cover on each speaker
  • It is perfect for both home and studio use

What we don’t like

  • Two speaker system only
  • A little bulkier for a bookshelf speaker category

Edifier S2000MKIII vs. S2000pro—Final Verdict

To summarize, the S2000pro is a perfect bookshelf speaker for home and studio audio setups. Although Edifier S2000pro specs are almost similar to that of S2000MKIII, the former incorporates advanced sound technologies to provide sound quality that is best in its class.

On the other hand, the S2000MKIII is best suited for home listening. And just like the S2000pro, it continues the Edifier tradition of stylish aesthetics and a vast array of connectivity options.

We hope that this comparison has given you an insight into what each bookshelf speaker has for you. Both speakers have their own share of benefits and drawbacks, so you should definitely find one that suits you best.

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