How to Install Bluetooth Microphone in Car: (Complete Guide)

Do you want to connect a Bluetooth microphone in your truck or car but need some help figuring out how and where to do it? You’re in luck – you’ve found the right guide. In this article, we will walk you through how to install a Bluetooth microphone in your car.

What is a Bluetooth microphone? It is a microphone that can wirelessly connect to your phone, tablet, or another Bluetooth-capable device. It will be like you are talking on the phone using the handset when paired. This type of microphone is especially ideal for people who prefer using their phones over hand-held devices. It also works great in cars that don’t have a built-in hands-free device.

The new generation of smartphones has led to the increased popularity of car stereo systems equipped with Bluetooth. This makes it easy for you to connect various gadgets to give you a sweet ride, especially those who do long drives. You can connect Bluetooth speakers, microphones, and even easily and simply stream audio from a smartphone. However, people still make mistakes when trying to connect these gadgets.

Anyone can do car stereo Bluetooth microphone installation in a car with the knowledge. In this article, we will consider how to perfectly install a Bluetooth microphone in your car.

Where to Mount Bluetooth Mic in Car

When installing a Bluetooth microphone in your car, you may ask yourself questions like where is the mic in a car placed? Many different options are available.

  • You might prefer mounting the microphone on top of your windshield or dash.
  • You could also choose to mount the mic under the steering wheel control, where it’s more protected from outside interference.
  • You can also mount it at the top of the column supporting the steering wheel.
  • Consider installing your microphone in one of the vents on your dashboard.
  • Get some suction cups that can be attached to a window or other flat surface.
  • Other mics have magnetic bases that allow them to stick right on the dash or windshield.
  • Stick it above the rear-view mirror at the top of the windshield.
  • Attach it to the overhead console.
  • Fix it in or under the glove compartment.
  • Place it on the center console area between seats and below the rear seat.

Once you have chosen where you want your microphone to go, all that’s left is connecting it up and enjoying all of the benefits that come with using such a device.

How to Install Bluetooth Microphone in Car

How to install a Bluetooth Microphone in a Car

Installing a Bluetooth microphone in your car can be a simple process, but it is not without its challenges. We give you a simple step-by-step process that will help you navigate this journey ending up with a correctly installed mic that serves you well.

Step 1# Mounting Location

The most important thing is to choose the correct mounting location and make sure that any parts of the car do not obstruct it.

You will also want to make sure that the location you choose is somewhere that will not be affected by vibrations or other sound interference.

If possible, look for an area that doesn’t get hot from heat vents or direct sunlight and won’t interfere with other controls. It also needs to be close enough so that you can speak clearly into it while driving (about 2 feet from you).

The key is to ensure the mic is located in a place that enhances sound quality, where your callers can hear you loud and clear without static or noise from wind. Great mounting is how to improve car microphone quality of sound.

You’ll also need enough room for cables and wires that connect the microphone with other parts of your car’s electronics, such as the car stereo or car speakers.

Clean and Clip the Mic

Step 2# Clean and Clip the Mic

Once you have located where to place your mic, thoroughly clean the area to avoid placing the microphone in a dirty or dusty place. Doing this ensures your mic is not clogged with dust, thus losing its pickup sensitivity.

Next, most Bluetooth mics come with a clip that can be attached to the mic itself. Attach this clip to the microphone and clip it onto your chosen position.

Other mics come with magnetic base car mounts that you can attach to your dashboard, and it holds the mic. Others come with suction cups to help mount them on flat surfaces such as the windshield. Whatever option it is, ensure to clean the surface first, then attach your mic.

Step 3# Install the Bluetooth Receiver

The next step is installing the Bluetooth receiver in your car in case it is not present. This device will convert audio signals into digital media signals before sending them to your stereo or head unit. To install this device, you need to connect it with an AUX input jack of your car’s stereo system through a wire harness cable or adapter that comes with it.

After installing the receiver, turn on your stereo system so that you can check if there are any problems with its connection to other components of your stereo system. The receiver will connect with the external microphone for car stereo.

Step 4# Turn off all electrical equipment

Turn off all the electrical equipment in your vehicle, including the radio, lights, and other accessories.

You want to do this because you will be opening up the dashboard where most of the electrical wires run through and need to avoid electrocution.

Step 5# Connect the microphone to your car audio system.

Connect the microphone to the Bluetooth receiver using any 3.5mm audio cable. This cable will help connect both devices and provide an easy way of making and receiving phone calls while driving or listening to music through your Bluetooth device.

In case you have mounted the microphone on the windshield or near the rear-view mirror, tuck the cable into the headliner. Run the cable through the headliner up to the A-pillar. Tuck it inside the pilar panel to run through up to the dashboard.

At the dash, you can route it to the back of the receiver and connect it. Take personal care not to hurt yourself or damage any of the car’s components while connecting.

Step 6# Turn on Your Car Bluetooth

You should turn on the Bluetooth function of your car and set up a connection between your vehicle and phone via a Bluetooth app.

Step 7# Connect the microphone with your phone by Bluetooth

You can use your phone’s app or search for “Car Bluetooth” on Google Play to download an app that supports car Bluetooth. After you get the app running, connect your car with your phone.

Test Your Setup

Step 8# Test Your Setup

Check to ensure that you can hear your voice on the system by making a mock call.

Considerations Before Buying Bluetooth Microphone for Car Stereo

There are several factors you need to take into account before beginning your car stereo Bluetooth microphone installation project:

Compatibility – The best Bluetooth microphone for car stereo is compatible with your vehicle; there will be problems using it if it isn’t. Before buying a microphone, ensure the mobile phone and the car support each other’s Bluetooth protocol. Otherwise, you will have a car Bluetooth microphone not working.

Look up the car and phone’s specs on their user’s manual from the manufacturers.

Ease of installation If installing a wired mic requires cutting holes in your dashboard or removing panels from the car, and you are not confident enough to do this, choose another option. You can get a wireless Bluetooth microphone that doesn’t require this expertise in installation.

Sound quality – The next thing you need to check is the microphone’s sound quality. If it has good sound quality, then all the better. However, if the sound quality is poor, it might be difficult for other people to clearly hear what you say over the phone while driving their cars.

How to Hide Bluetooth Microphone in Car

In addition to learning a few mounting tips, you should also be aware of the potential advantages of having a microphone that connects to your car hidden.

  1. It helps with the car’s interior design when you can’t find a mic that blends into your car’s interior.
  2. The best car microphone gives you the privacy you need.
  3. It helps you not to keep staring at the mic as you drive.

You can hide your Bluetooth microphone in various ways:

  • By using adhesive tape.
  • Attach it under your dashboard using screws and bolts.
  • Hide it inside your air freshener.
  • Use a tissue box as a cover for it.
  • Put it behind the visor mirror of your car and close it with tape.

Final Word

We have labored to show you how to install a Bluetooth microphone in a car. The installation process is pretty simple and straightforward, and there are various ways you can achieve it. If you are willing to spend some time and do it right, even a novice should have absolutely no trouble at all.

Just remember to take your time, follow the steps in this guide, and stay vigilant for tricky bits like mounting and panel raising that might try to trip you up.

The next time someone leans over as you drive and asks, “Can I make a call on your phone?” you definitely know where to point them—all the best in your setup.

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