Jensen MPR210 Single DIN Head Unit Review

Cruising down the mountain terrain in the sunset with your favorite music in the background is truly an amazing experience anyone can ask for. But that’s something only a modern head unit can bring to your car stereo. Bluetooth connectivity, flexible EQ settings, and an excellent sound performance – you name it – are just a few of the features you get in a Jensen MPR210 receiver.

But first things first. You don’t have to crack a safe if you’re planning to bring a new receiver on board. The Jensen MPR210 head unit features a combination of great features at an affordable price.

Let’s get started with the Jensen MPR210 single DIN head unit review.

General Specs

Speaker output impedance: 

RMS line output: 2 volts

AM/FM Tuning range: 530kHz-1710kHz / 87.5MHz-107.9MHz, respectively

AM/FM frequency response: 30Hz – 2.2kHz/ 30Hz – 13kHz, respectively

Car radio size: Single Din

Peak power output: 50 watts x 4 channels

Multiple Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP

Display Type: 7 Character LCD

Single DIN vs Double DIN: What Does it Mean?

If you’re new to head units or car audio in general, here’s what single and double DIN means:

The traditional standard measurement for the front faceplate of a double DIN car stereo is 4 x 7 inches, while that of a single DIN unit measures 2 x 7 inches. This means that it’s possible to easily fit a single DIN head unit into any radio size.

You can easily fit single DIN car stereos into single DIN or 2-DIN in-dash openings without major modifications.

Built-in Bluetooth Technology

The Jensen MPR210 single Din digital media will smoothly pair with your Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, which allows you to stream music from the receiver effortlessly.

The receiver also remembers all your previously paired Bluetooth devices, so you don’t have to pair them again. Hands-free calls? No problem. The included mic and touch screen let you focus on the road while talking to your friends and family.

J-Link Smart Remote Mobile App

We all love a decent receiver, especially one that comes with a multipurpose smartphone app for extended controls. The Jensen MPR210 single DIN head unit supports the J-Link smart mobile app, which allows you to remotely change stations, turn up the volume, change the function modes, and a couple of other settings from your cellular phone.

Simply download the J-Link smart remote app from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple) and get access to more controls.

Quality Sound Performance

There’s no question about the Jensen receiver’s performance with an output of 50 watts from each of the 4 channels – a combined output power of 200 watts for the car speakers.

The unit also supports MP3 file formats from the USB media playback. Therefore, you can play your favorite MP3 music files from your WMA or MP3 Player. You can use a cable to replenish your MP3 player from the USB port.

Lastly, there are 4 EQ curves presets in this Jensen single DIN car stereo receiver: Pop, Flat, Rock, and Classic audio settings. It’s easy to use compared to if you don’t have the time to manually set the EQ.

Push to Talk Button (PTT)

The Jensen MPR210 single DIN car stereo receiver comes with a voice activation button that helps achieve complete focus on the road. Simply put, a PTT button communicates with your car stereo via Bluetooth and lets you send commands such as navigation through Siri or Google voice assistant. It’s simple to use. All you have to do is push the button and command your receiver with actual words.

Push to Talk is an instantaneous means of communication between you and the receiver. It switches your car stereo between voice transmission and reception mode, the same as what happens in a “walkie talkie.”

AM/FM Preset Tuner

Another benefit of our Jensen MPR210 review features is the AM/FM preset tuner. The presets slot allows you to store up to 30 stations (12 AM and 18 FM stations). Therefore, if you need to recall any stored presets, just press the corresponding button and get started!

7- Character LCD Display

Of course, no receiver can claim excellent features without a beautiful user interface. The 7-character high-resolution LCD is a true masterpiece. Other than being easy to manufacture, the beautifully crafted screen is cost-effective and conservant with power. The Jensen MPR210 7 Character LCD Single DIN also displays clear controls while driving.


The Jensen MPR210 7 Character LCD Single DIN car stereo has 4 input/output ports. The front inputs include the front USB and a front 3.5mm AUX, while the output ports have 2 pairs of front and rear outputs.

Each port has a specific role to play in the system. For instance, you may use the RCA inputs to connect this receiver to a powered subwoofer or even to your backup camera’s input.

Finding a DVD/CD player in cars today is almost impossible because of incorporating newer and more advanced options for playing music, such as Apple CarPlay. This is probably the reason why this receiver lacks a CD player.

Pros and Cons


  • The 7 Character LCD offers a clear viewing experience.
  • The EQ allows you to tailor the sound to match your preferred listening experience.
  • Easy to install in your dash
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology and PTT help achieve Hands-free operation
  • Budget-friendly car receiver
  • Supports USB media playback
  • Easy to control the receiver via the J-Link smart remote app.


  • No CD player present.

And there’s more! Your once divided attention while dwindling the volume on the touchscreen display will be a thing of the past. Thanks to the volume knob, you can now adjust the volume (00-40) without getting distracted.

Simple Hacks to Solve Problems Related to This Stereo

It’s easy to fall prey to the sheer nature of the constant breakdown of car stereos. But don’t despair because this Jensen MPR210 single DIN car stereo receiver review comes with some of the surest hacks to say bye to any of those problems.

1. No Power

Should you experience no power in your receiver, check the power cables (coded in Yellow, Red, or Black). Check if your connections have the proper voltage (11~16V DC). Additionally, you can have a replacement plan for blown-out fuses and get your Jensen MPR210 single DIN up and running.

2. The Unit lacks Sound

The Jensen MPR210 single DIN car stereo may receive power but fail to produce sound. First, check if the speaker wires are connected. Or, insulate any bare speaker cables to prevent them from touching each other and the chassis ground.

3. The Car Radio Constantly Blows the Fuses

The Jensen MPR210 single DIN digital media may be blowing-out newly fitted fuses. If that’s the case, ensure that the speaker cables (Red or Yellow wire) don’t touch the chassis ground. Also, check if the car radio has pinched speaker wires. Use the correct fuse to curb incorrect fuse ratings, and the receiver will work just fine.

4. Invalid or No Files

Your Jensen MPR210 single DIN car stereo may be unable to detect faulty MP3 files. So, verify if the MP3 files are actually playable or not. Invalid files mean that you have an invalid ID3 tag version. Using supported ID3 tags such as version 1.0 to 2.0 helps solve this problem.

Jensen MPR210 Review – Final Verdict

The Jensen MPR210 car stereo is a perfect pick for car audio lovers looking for an affordable receiver packed with cool features. Its design matches its performance. We can safely say you won’t go wrong with a Jensen MPR210 single DIN car stereo.

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