Boss Audio BV9386NV Double Din Head Unit Review

A good sound system turns the long, tiresome journey into an exciting experience. For the last 30+ years, Boss audio systems have built a legacy creating some of the world’s leading head units for car music lovers. The Boss Audio BV9386NV offers the best car navigation and A2DP audio streaming Bluetooth technology, just to mention a few.

But not so fast! Before diving any deeper, remember that a new audio component is better than an old one if you don’t mind spending a few more bucks. Fetching new gear helps avoid problems such as static, buzzing, and cutouts from old used equipment.

The rest of this Boss BV9386NV review closely examines some of the best features of this car radio. We will also look into the pros and cons of the product and who it suits best.

General Specifications

  • Switchable FM/AM Tuner allows you to receive channels in the US or Europe.
  • USB/SD Port (64GB Max)
  • Lithium Polymer Battery Cell
  • 1A USB Charging
  • A/V In/Out Rear Camera Input Front, Rear, Sub Preamp Outputs
  • SWC-Steering Wheel Control Input
  • 6.2-inch touch screen (800 x 480 Resolution)

Purchasing this car radio is worth every dime if you’re planning to upgrade your car stereo with excellent features. The double-DIN dashboard opening structures allows the radio to fit in without any modifications. So, which are some of the outstanding features and benefits of this head unit.

Built-in Navigation and GPS

Not having GPS on your head unit sucks. You can’t really tell where you’re headed without first looking at your phone. Boss Audio BV9386NV navigation system covers up to 50 States in the USA and extends to Puerto Rico, and Canada. You can easily find the shortest route to your destination and save a few bucks on gas.

That’s not all. The head unit contains a point of interest (POI) feature that allows you to search for motels, airports, businesses, and cafes on the go. This way, you can plan for your journey and always stay on track.

The text to speech audibly guides you on the correct lane to go for and reach your final destination. First, it’s safe because you don’t have to keep gazing at your cell phone while driving. It’s simple! Eyes on the road, ears on the speakers.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Hands-Free Calls

Hands-free calls have been around for a while, and it would be a disappointment if Boss Audio BV9386NV didn’t include this feature. The receiver allows you to make hands-free calls through the built-in microphone located on the front panel. In addition, the built-in Bluetooth Phonebook access profile (PBAP) lets you view call logs, contacts, and appointments from your dashboard. Talk of convenience!

The A2DP audio streaming technology allows you to stream music from Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music while driving. We all know how dangerous chatting while driving would be. However, this car stereo allows you to dictate personalized responses for your friends, family, or boss’ messages while driving without threatening the safety of other road users.

MP3 and WMA PlayBack on DVD and CD

The Boss Audio BV9386NV radio has a built-in CD/DVD player with a USB and SD card slot. The CD player allows you to play discs with CD, MP3, DVD, JPEG, WMA, and MP4 formats.

Electronic skip protection (ESP) feature buffers the CD/DVD to store 5-second data in advance. You can now play music without frequent interruption as the disc buffers.

Quality Sound and Performance

The performance of the Boss Audio BV9386NV double din thoughtfully considers your entertainment and comfort. Thanks to the 10-band-equalizer with 8 present curves that provide you with various music styles like Pop and Rock to choose from.

The low-pass filter and level control in the Boss Audio BV9386NV dedicated subwoofer boost the 5-channel preamp outputs to drive the speakers. You always get a refined sound that matches your taste and preference.

This head unit’s subwoofer has an internal amplifier (20 watts RMS/80 peak x 4 channels), producing high-quality, crispy-clear sound. Just what you need to make your road trip gratifying!

This head unit’s subwoofer has an internal amplifier (20 watts RMS/80 peak x 4 channels), producing high-quality, crispy-clear sound. Just what you need to make your road trip gratifying!

Local and Satellite Radio

One way to keep on par with the emerging issues is through listening to radio stations, whether local or satellite.

Satellite radio in this receiver allows you to enjoy an unparalleled variety of radio programs, including multiple music channels, traffic, and weather channels. Additionally, you receive clean, digital media that are commercial-free without interference. Local AM/FM provides much-needed information at zero cost.

Please read if you are interested in single din head unit.


The Boss audio BV9386NV should be your pick if you’re looking for a head unit that will display confidence and impeccable beauty. There are multiple inputs such as front USB, rear A/V, SD card, rear-view camera, and front audio and video input (3.5mm). They help achieve this radio’s expandability (ability to accommodate enhancements to audio systems capabilities.)

The backup camera input allows you to have a view of the backside during the reverse mode. The standard double-din openings ensure easy installation and a better fit on the in-dash openings. Additionally, the Aux/AV Input allows you to connect to the video or audio output of your Smartphone or MP3 Player and enjoy soothing music through your car speakers.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports video output to multiple monitors
  • Stunning in-dash double din design
  • Supports various video and audio file formats
  • Access to local and satellite radios
  • Multiple apps and smartphone integration for audio streaming
  • Supports multiple Bluetooth profiles
  • Preloaded navigation maps of 50 states (USA), Canada, and Puerto Rico.


  • The Steering wheel control has to be bought separately.
  • The inbuilt navigation map lacks some areas because it’s old.

Final Verdict

Let’s wrap this Boss BV9386NV review. This car radio combines elegance, top performance, and a futuristic design under one roof. Its navigation system, hands-free phone use, and steering wheel control leave much to desire. These features make the receiver a top priority for car enthusiasts who cannot compromise on quality at the expense of cost.

Simply put, you can never go wrong with the Boss bv9386nv car system.

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