Klipsch RP-450C Review- A Complete Hands-on Analysis

Klipsch is a household name that is not likely to miss when discussing home entertainment audio equipment. The RP-450C is a part of Klipsch’s popular RP series collection which also comprises our favorite Klipsch RP-250C and RP-500C.

This speaker fills your living room with professional-quality sound, and in fact, very few speakers can match its audio performance in terms of loudness. The speaker is relatively bulky, but it is a terrific value for the money. What’s more, it is an elegant speaker capable of handling any movie with pristine clarity.

The RP-450C center channel speaker combines power and precision to deliver a powerful audio experience. In addition, its expansive soundstage outperforms much larger and more expensive speakers. Before we proceed to the detailed review of the Klipsch RP-450C, here is a quick overview of key specifications.

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Klipsch RP-450C Specs

Speaker configuration2-way
Drivers4 x 5.25″ Cerametallic cone woofers
1x 1″ Titanium LTS tweeter
Power handling150 watts RMS
600 watts Peak
Frequency response58-25,000 Hz (±3dB)
Impedance8 ohms compatible
Sensitivity97 dB
Crossover Frequency500/1500 Hz
InputsDual binding posts
Dimensions31.13 x 6.81 x 14.51″
Weight35.7 lbs. or 16.19 kg

Many cheap center channel speakers are characterized with flimsy drivers often as an afterthought, but not Klipsch.

Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel Review

The RP-450C is one of the most efficient center channel speakers from the Klipsch Reference Premiere line of products. The speaker delivers outstanding cinema-like performance with great surround sound quality. The audio is crystal-clear and has a durable cabinet that makes it an invaluable addition to your home theater sound system.

Product features and benefits

High-tech woofer construction

This Klipsch center channel speaker comes with four 5.25″ Ceremetallic woofers aligned to the tweeter. The woofers cover a wide frequency response from 58 Hz to 25,000 Hz (±3dB) while delivering a smooth midrange and well-articulated bass. The woofers also utilize lightweight yet rigid aluminum treated cones to help dampen and reduce distortion.

Advanced 1″ Titanium LTS tweeter

LTS tweeters have been the trademark of Klipsch’s loudspeakers, a design that is vouched for efficiency and ability to produce a high dynamic range. The RP-450C incorporates a 1-inch titanium LTS tweeter that facilitates crystal-clear highs while ensuring a near-perfectly balanced midrange and improved listening experience.

90 x 90° hybrid horn technology

One noticeable feature of the RP-450C is the 90 x 90° hybrid horn that puts you right into the sweet spot for an exciting cinematic experience. The design uses a circular throat that opens to a square mouth to provide a wider dispersion area. Furthermore, the horn is composed of compressed molded rubber to improve detail and reduce high-frequency harshness.

Dolby Atmos-enabled

If you’re looking to add more than just basic surround sound, the RP-450C is the speaker for you. The speaker is compatible with Dolby Atmos surround sound format ,which provides a cutting edge sound while ensuring that the listener is fully engulfed in movies and music. What’s more, the speaker employs Klipsch’s proprietary controlled directivity to deliver exceptional overhead soundstage.

Advanced Tractrix port

The RP-450C provides a perfect balance across the frequency range thanks to Klipsch’s signature Tractrix rear port. The port utilizes a unique Tractrix geometry design, which commands more efficient and swift air movement in and out of the cabinet. In addition, the port is optimized for multiple placement options and enhanced detail across all frequencies.

Complex crossover

This awesome center channel speaker sets the crossover frequency at 500/1500 Hz, which allows a flawless transition of audio between the tweeter and woofers. Furthermore, the interaction creates a seamless blend between the speaker drivers and the subwoofer for a more convincing low end.

Modern MDF speaker cabinet

One thing that distinguishes the RP-450C from cheaply made center channel speakers is its elegant MDF cabinet. The cabinet is more stable and durable, plus it sports a modern and stylish design that is easy to incorporate into any décor. When it comes to finishing, the speaker features a superior wood grain polymer combined with a brushed polymer veneer.

Sturdy speaker grille

The removable grille showcases the speaker’s outstanding driver array while protecting the speaker from foreign objects that might otherwise harm delicate components. The grille attaches magnetically within the baffles to help reduce high-frequency diffraction. The best part is that it is removable, so you can choose to remove or leave it on without compromising sound quality.

What we like about RP-450C

  • Impressive clarity, especially in movie dialogue
  • Comprehensive audio spectrum coverage
  • Solid bass response and outstanding vocal accuracy
  • Elegant design—It blends with almost every room décor
  • It is ideal for diverse music genres
  • The speaker is energy-efficient
  • Rock-solid build quality
  • It supports Dolby Atmos applications
  • Great value for money

What we don’t like about RP-450C

  • It tends to struggle at low frequencies—consider adding a separate subwoofer to boost the low end
  • It lacks a midrange driver
  • The speaker is bulky— portability might be an issue
  • A horn-loaded speaker may be a little fatiguing to some listeners

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Our Final Take!

This bad boy is designed to deliver all the boom, crash, or bang you need for your movies to match up with the picture in front of you. The RP 450C conveys every breath of vocals and dialogue, so with this speaker, you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

In addition, Klipsch RP 450C blends well with Klipsch’s RP bookshelf and floor standing speakers to provide a life-like sound quality that Klipsch is known for. This means you can put up a customized surround sound setup that suits your specific taste and preferences.

From the Tractrix horn port to the premium components and high-end build quality, it is obvious that the RP 450C is a star among center channels. It comes close to more expensive brands in terms of audio performance while costing almost half as much.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our Klipsch RP-450C review as much as we were delighted to test this speaker out.

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