Best 8-inch Midrange Speakers: In-depth Reviews and Buying Guide

A midrange speaker, just like the name suggests, is designed to reproduce the middle frequencies. This range is considered the most important part of the audible sound spectrum since it handles the sounds that are most sensitive to the human ear, including the human voice.

Ideally, this range can make or break your musical experience. Therefore, it is important to go for a high-quality midrange speaker that will ensure a great performance in the mid-range spectrum.

Remember, you might have to pair your mid-range speakers with a woofer and tweeters to complete the rest of the audio.

Today we’ll be reviewing the best 8-inch midrange speakers for car audio and home entertainment systems. This size ensures low-distortion reproduction for a cleaner-sounding mid-bass.

Let’s begin!

Comparison Table of The Top 9 Best 8-inch Midrange Speakers

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1. Polk Audio RC80i—Our top pick

Polk Audio lets you enjoy thrilling midbass and seamless audio quality in areas requiring big and rich sound but with no space to accommodate massive speakers. These in-ceiling speakers not only sound fantastic, but they also look good and are easy to install in any room. The speakers are also made for superior wide dispersion, making them ideal for home theater surround channels.

Product highlights

Balanced and life-like sound: The RC80i is equipped with a big 8-inch driver that delivers life-like overhead sound. The sound effects help to elevate your home theater experience while ensuring a uniform performance at any volume level. Additionally, its performance is enhanced by the 1″ aimable tweeter to add more depth and amazing clarity to your music.

Premium construction: The Polk Audio RC80i is a value-packed pair of midrange speakers made using premium materials to guarantee you a lifetime of reliable performance. The materials include lightweight and stiff polymer cones that provide excellent damping. The speakers also incorporate an injection-molded butyl rubber surround that suppresses undesirable cone resonances.

Infinite baffle tuning: These speakers utilize the in-ceiling and in-wall space as a virtual enclosure to enhance the frequency response while ensuring a smooth blend of low frequency with the midrange. Besides, installation is pretty straightforward, since no extra assembly is needed. You can choose to leave the white grilles exactly as they are or repaint them to match them with your interior.

Moisture-resistant: The rubber surround and stainless steel hardware helps to prevent moisture access. Thus, these RCi series speakers are ideal for use in areas with high moisture, such as the kitchen, transitional spaces, bathrooms, or even in a sauna with confidence.

What we like

  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • They are easy to install
  • Durable construction
  • The speakers are safe for high moisture areas
  • Great design that is easy to blend into any room
  • Includes white painted grille for added convenience

What we don’t like

  • Pretty expensive
  • Although they are moisture-resistant, they are not entirely waterproof

Our take

Polk Audio RC80i is a great investment that boasts of a wide dispersion design that delivers incredible stereo sound. The fact that it is also timbre-matched for easy integration with other speakers in your home theater system makes it a worthy addition to your collection.

2. Skar Audio FSX8-4—Our budget choice

The FSX8-4 is one of the newest FSX series from Skar Audio that lets you turn your existing 2-way speaker system into a perfect 3-way system. This speaker utilizes the very best materials and technology to give you one of the loudest midrange speakers on the market. It is also pretty easy to install, so you can finally say goodbye to complex installation and wire clutter.

Skar Audio FSX8-4 features

High-grade paper cone: Skar Audio FSX8-4 uses a high-quality paper cone, which is lighter than conventional materials. The cone responds to vibrations quickly, enabling the voice coils to reproduce sound more accurately. This interaction results in a beautiful midrange as well as a satisfying, wide-coverage sound. However, this cone is not as durable as its aluminum or aramid fiber counterparts.

Maximum cooling design: This FSX series comes with a vented back plate for cooling heated components. It also includes a 1.5-inch high-temperature copper voice coil that is not affected by heat. This enables the speaker to play at the loudest volume and at for an extended time without overheating. Besides, the cone is designed for greater power handling allowing the speaker to cover frequencies from 80 – 6,000 Hz.

Strong magnet structure: The speaker uses a powerful 25 oz. ferrite magnet. The magnet helps the voice coil vibrate efficiently for accurate sound reproduction. It also lets you experience unmatched sound quality that makes a world of difference. The best part about this magnet is that it is cost-effective.

High-powered speaker: Skar Audio FSX8-4 is rated at 350W max power and 175W RMS, making it the first choice for those looking for a high-powered midrange speaker. It is a versatile speaker designed to reproduce natural and uncolored midrange frequencies. However, we recommend you get an onboard amplifier for an exceptional musical experience.

What we like

  • Enhanced thermal cooling
  • Powerful speaker at a decent price point
  • It comes with a two years warranty
  • The mids are spot on
  • It fits perfectly in any vehicle

What we don’t like

  • It is sold as one speaker
  • The grille is also not included, but you can get one at a low cost

Our take

We have no doubts that this little powerhouse is up to the task. We were impressed by the clarity and rich detail reproduced by the speaker. In addition, it is the perfect definition of power and reliability.

3. Rockford Fosgate PPS4-8 Punch

The PPS4-8 Punch from Rockford Fosgate is a highly efficient mid-range speaker, specifically made for audiophiles who like their sound loud and clean. This powerhouse provides a wide frequency of up to 5 kHz for some seriously rich sound.

Besides, this 8-inch midbass speaker utilizes the very best technologies to provide premium midrange sound. In addition, the speaker is Klippel verified, and its power handling conforms to CEA-2031 standards.

Product highlights

Tough build: The PPS4-8 Punch handles up to 250W max power and 125W RMS, so it is made for high SPL environments. The speaker is enclosed in a corrugated treated cloth surround to ensure the speaker will last for years to come and to keep the cone under control.

Along with this, we really liked its non-corrosive all-metal input spring terminal that offers a more secure connection. And just like other Punch series loudspeakers, the PPS4-8 comes with a stamp-cast aluminum frame to hold the entire speaker together.

High-temperature voice coil: Rockford Fosgate PPS4-8 uses a high temperature4-ohm voice coil that is engineered for better heat dispersion. With this voice coil, the speaker can deliver efficient performance, and withstand the high temperatures emitted during heavy usage. What’s more, a tear-resistant cotton spider is added to the mix to keep the voice coil in place.

Fiber-reinforced paper cone: This midrange speaker employs a fiber reinforced paper cone to improve the dispersion and deliver true-to-life midrange. The cone combines rigidity and lightness to provide extremely accurate performance. However, the cone does not offer superior damping, and it is also less durable.

Oversized motor structure: Apart from the high-quality cone construction, this speaker features an oversized motor structure to provide you with a highly-sensitive speaker. This will also allow for high power handling for an expansive sound range and long-lasting performance. Besides, the speaker has a mounting depth of only 2.91″, making it easy to fit in most vehicles.

What we like

  • Beautiful design
  • It includes protective grilles and mounting hardware
  • It is built for high volume
  • Great audio quality even at high volumes
  • It is designed to fit most cars

What we don’t like

  • It is an individual unit—does not come as a pair
  • The need for an external amplifier

Our take

The Rockford Fosgate PPS4-8 rich midbass set the speaker apart from its close competitors. It is a game-changer for anyone looking for an excellent sound upgrade in a compact speaker that’s easy to fit into just about any application.

4. DS18 PRO-X8.4BMPK—Best for full-range sound

DS18 is a well-known name in the industry, and it takes pride in its high-quality and accurate sounding speakers. PRO-X8.4BMPK comes in a set of two midrange loudspeakers and two aluminum supper bullet tweeters to deliver balanced mid-tones with superior highs. In addition, this audio set is pretty loud and doesn’t get distorted even when pushed hard. All you need is to pair it with a good amp to push it.

Unique features

8-inch midrange driver: DS18 designed PRO-X8.4BMPK with an 8-inch mid-range driver to deliver the midrange details and smoother frequency response. The speakers are not only great with instrumentals, but also excellent for vocals. What’s more, their clever design and high-quality materials guarantee impactful performance, reaching heights of 16 KHz.

Great power handling: DS18 PRO-X8.4BMPK handles up to 275W RMS and 550W Max at 4 Ohms. This power range is more than enough for the full range audio, plus it offers a powerful midrange presence. This also frees up your subwoofer to focus on lower bass frequencies while providing a sound signature that will please your ears. Additionally, these speakers are equipped with a 1.5″ copper voice coil to improve power handling. .

PROTW-220 super tweeters: DS18 paired PRO-X8.4BM 8 with their popular PROTW-220 super bullet tweeters to provide you with the best 8-inch full-range speaker. The high-end tweeters are meticulously designed to reproduce the high frequencies with ease so you can enjoy the details you’ve been missing from your car stereo.

The best part is that the tweeters come with a built-in crossover to protect them from harmful bass frequencies.

Easy installation: The highly sought speakers come with a mounting depth of only 3.38″. The shallow design makes it easy to mount the speakers virtually anywhere, including on car doors. In addition, both the speakers and tweeters are made for custom installation, so finding an ideal location to mount your speakers should not be a problem.

What we like

  • Superior sound at an affordable price
  • Impressive power handling capacity
  • Professional-grade tweeters
  • Balanced sound output
  • Durable components

What we don’t like

  • Bass is lacking—you may want to get a subwoofer separately

Our take

If you are looking for a midrange speaker that will give you a full-range and balanced sound, then DS18 PRO-X8.4BMPK is the one for you. With these speakers, durability is guaranteed, plus they are a perfect choice for vocal enthusiasts.

5. Audiopipe APMB-8SB-C

The Audiopipe APMB-8SB-C comes in a pack of four speakers to give you a dynamic soundstage. They are an excellent choice for modern cars, and the sound is incredible. They deliver an impressive 250W max power, so you can expect a powerful mid-range performance. Equally important, the speakers offer a perfect balance between clarity and loudness, making them an ideal choice for those who want the best of both worlds.


Two pairs of 8-inch midrange speakers: Audiopipe APMB-8SB-C is one of the most popular sets in the market thanks to its superb sound that keeps you rocking as you drive. These speakers feature an 8-inch driver designed to provide clean a low/mid-frequency performance at the comfort of your car.

Additionally, they are equipped with a 1.5″ KSV voice coil that works in conjunction with a 20 oz. magnet to give you a rich midbass.

Efficient power handling: Audiopipe APMB-8SB-C is rated for 125 watts RMS power and 250 watts MAX power. Most car owners find this power ranges sufficient enough, and for what it costs, it is a hard one to beat. It is designed to reproduce clear midbass no matter the application or the type of music you like to listen to.

Durability at its best: Each speaker sports a sturdy steel basket, which means the speakers will hold up for years to come. A bullet dust cap is also included on each speaker to protect the cone area from dust and debris. Moreover, the speakers are enclosed in a corrugated surround to improve durability while enhancing the sound quality.

Sealed back construction: The APMB-8SB-C features a sealed back design that helps to control cone movement. This design delivers high-quality midrange sound with minimal adjustments. Furthermore, with a sensitivity rating of 99 dB, you should be prepared to be blown away by details you’ve never heard before.

What we like

  • Clean and powerful performance
  • High-grades component to give better detail
  • Exceptionally loud
  • Solid steel basket
  • It is a perfect match for any factory stereo

What we don’t like

  • Relatively costly
  • They are not very loud

Our take

These Audiopipe speakers are one of the most highly-priced on our list. However, the price is justified considering that you’ll get four speakers to elevate your listening experience. No doubts that this is the ideal set of speakers you need to get the party going.

6. PRV AUDIO 8MB450 v2

If you’re looking to build a new car stereo on a budget, the 8MB450 v2 from PRV AUDIO is a good place to start. Its journey to excellence starts with the incorporation of the popular pro audio technology into the design to ensure high output and high accuracy. With a speaker of this quality, you’re assured of premium audio that will make you enjoy your rides every day.

Key highlights

Punchy midrange: The 8MB450 v2 sports a light yet rigid paper cone for smooth and accurate frequency response from 75 – 7,500 Hz. You can rely on this speaker for a rich, full sound and a punchy midrange across the entire music spectrum. In addition, this speaker benefits from premium components and redefined design to suit audiophile tastes.

Decent power handling: With its power handling of up to 225W RMS (450W peak power), this speaker is made to clean up your muddy stock sound. This speaker will add the clarity and loudness you’ve been missing in your factory stereo without compromising the efficiency of your speaker. However, you may want to pair it with a good amp to maximize its performance.

High-efficiency design: This PRV 8-inch midrange speaker features a 2-inch voice coil to enhance its power handling for a vibrant soundstage. It also includes a durable spider suspension and a sturdy woven surround to provide a solid playback.

These components are housed in a solid steel basket to enable the speaker to withstand environmental stress and long hours of playback.

Universal fit: This PRV midbass driver is ideal for use in most three-way speaker cabinets, thanks to its compact size and shallow mounting depth (3.31″). The size driver also makes it perfect for car stereo systems as well as in most home Hi-Fi applications.

What we like

  • Very clean sound when set up correctly
  • It is designed for heavy-duty applications
  • Superior sound fidelity
  • Uncompromised audio quality.
  • Minimal distortions

What we don’t like

  • It is a single speaker
  • The need for a separate amp to drive the speaker

Our take

PRV AUDIO 8MB450 v2 is made to step you up, whether you’re replacing some old factory speakers or building a new car stereo system. It offers the best combination of durable design and quality components to offer you a much better listening experience.

7. Timpano TPT-MR8-4 BULLET

You’ve probably come across Timpano Audio in your hunt for high performance speakers. It offers affordable but also some of the best-sounding audio components. The TPT-MR8-4 BULLET is made using pro audio latest technology to give you a speaker that will fill your living space or car with smooth and powerful midrange sounds. In addition, this speaker is built to last you through years of abuse.

Product highlights

High-temperature voice coil: Timpano employs a 1.5″ high-temperature voice coil that is made to withstand physical strains and high operating temperatures. The voice coil helps to improve the power handling while increasing the reliability of the speaker. If your stock head unit is already strong in lows and highs, you can rely on this speaker to fill out the midrange.

High SPL performance: This midrange speaker is rated at 200 watts RMS power with an impedance of 4 ohms. This power level lets the speaker deliver a smooth and more open frequency response that does not distort even at high volumes. Besides, it is made to accommodate maximum SPL levels, which equates to a louder performance.

Premium materials: This Timpano speaker comes with a lightweight paper-based cone to deliver outstanding mid and low sounds. It also features a strong ferrite magnet structure that provides great control over the voice coil for optimal accuracy. The result of using these high-quality materials is a smooth and detailed midbass from a single speaker.

Straightforward installation: The TPT-MR8-4 BULLET is equipped with spring terminals to make installation quick and easy, even for inexperienced users. These terminals are also perfect for temporary installations, so you should not have a hard time when changing speaker location. Ideally, this speaker delivers a solid performance for what it costs and has received many positive reviews from its users.

What we like

  • Lifelike vocals
  • It affordable
  • Warm detail in the entire sound spectrum
  • High-quality materials
  • It plays loud even with a small amplifier

What we don’t like

  • It is sold individually
  • For the price, you can’t expect a high-end sound

Our take

If you’re looking for a worthy upgrade over your factory speakers without having to spend a fortune, the TPT-MR8-4 BULLET is the way to go. It delivers brilliant sound and powerful mids, and this is exactly what most audiophiles look for in a car upgrade.

8. Black Diamond DIA-CM8.4B

Black Diamond DIA-CM8.4B is truly in a class of its own. It is in a pair of two midrange speakers and we were absolutely amazed by their overall sound quality. Best of all, their 93.4dB sensitivity lets you run them using the factory radio power or an aftermarket amplifier. So if you’re looking to upgrade from a dull sound system to a satisfying sound experience, these speakers are one of the best options.

Key features

Lightweight midrange drivers: The Black Diamond DIA-CM8.4B uses a paper-pressed cone that is not only lightweight but also exceptionally strong. This cone is designed to improve the midrange response while minimizing distortions. Furthermore, the cone is attached to the steel basket to ensure a dynamic midrange performance.

High-efficiency voice coil: The 1-inch voice coil couple pretty well with 14.4 oz. magnet to enable the speakers to tackle high-power applications. They handle up to 120W max power and 60W RMS to take on a full range of audio. Although the power range is on the lower side, their 4-ohm impedance and high sensitivity rating keep things running even when using factory-installed radio.

Integrated bullet resonator: The Black Diamond DIA-CM8.4B has incorporated a bullet design resonator to reinforce your sound. This resonator is used to extend the response of the higher range but without compromising midrange frequencies.

What’s more, it comes with a cloth surround that helps to minimize distortion for better-sounding mids at both low and high volumes.

Shallow mounting depth: With a mounting depth of only 2.80 inches, these speakers are made to fit virtually into almost any vehicle. You can add a pair of grilles to add an extra layer of protection to your speakers. To enjoy the speakers, even more, you may want to consider adding a small amplifier into the setup.

What we like

  • A stylish pair of midrange speakers
  • Clarity is spot on
  • Quality speakers for a great price
  • Natural and well-balanced sound
  • Quick and easy installation

What we don’t like

  • Low power handling
  • Not loud enough

Our take

These midrange speakers are ideal for car and truck stereo systems, but you can also use them with your home theater system. The good thing is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to upgrade to your dream system.

9. Rockville RM84PRO

Rockville RM84PRO sounds great and is quite easy to set up. It comprises of a set two speakers that features high-grade and lightweight components, that look as good as they sound. These two speakers offer an adequate amount of power and an impressive frequency response to give you a unique listening experience.

Product highlights

Great power handling: These Rockville midrange speakers have an RMS power of 150W and 300W Max, giving you the exact loudness you want. The speakers are made using the latest pro audio technology to enhance power handling and let you experience stadium sound quality in your car. In addition, their power rating complies with CEA industry standards.

Solid construction: Rockville RM84PRO utilizes careful engineering throughout its entire design. The cone is made of Kevlar reinforced paper to prevent it from blowing up at extreme SPL levels. The design also utilizes a treated cloth surround to enhance control while streamlining the midrange frequencies. The result of this is improved sound quality at any volume level.

Hand-made speakers: Unlike most speakers which are made by a machine, these PRO series are handcrafted by Rockville technicians to ensure that they meet their quality control standards. They are also built for custom installation so that you can mount them in any location but without compromising sound quality.

Superior components: Both speakers are equipped with a 100 oz. magnet which enables the speakers to produce distortion-free sound. The magnet houses the 1.5″ high-temperature voice coil that lets you experience midrange frequencies exactly the way they are meant to be. Moreover, a high tinsel steel basket is included to help dampen noise and vibrations for a crystal clear and vibration-free musical response.

What we like

  • Plenty of power for different application needs
  • Powerful midrange
  • Easy to mount
  • They are built to last
  • Attractive and professional look

What we don’t like

  • 150 RMS power may not be enough for professional uses
  • The need for an external amp

Our take

If you’re looking for a well-defined midrange that is free from distortion, the Rockville RM84PRO is definitely an excellent choice and a great value for money. The speakers produce superb midrange sounds, and they are ideal for any application.

Tips for Choosing Best Midrange Speakers

Shopping for midrange speakers can be challenging, especially for a first-time shopper. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a midrange speaker;

Power handling

One important midrange speaker specification is its power handling capacity. Different midrange speakers offer different power ratings, depending on the intended use. The higher the rating, the louder the speaker and musical details and vocal you get. However, you may want to ensure that the speaker does not distort at high volume levels.

Cone materials

Midrange cones feature different materials, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While looking for an 8-inch midrange speaker, you’re likely to come across different types of cone materials, including aluminum, Kevlar, polypropylene, among others.

Most mid-range cones are made of paper, often treated with polymers to enhance vibrational damping. However, these cones tend to absorb moisture over time, and this may alter their tonal characteristics.

On the other hand, aluminum and aramid fiber speaker cones are used in high-end speakers. Both materials are durable, rigid, plus their tonal characteristic is undisputable. These cones are not only rigid but are also very lightweight. This allows the cone to move quickly for more accurate midrange frequencies reproduction.

Speaker surround

The surround of a speaker plays an important role in the reproduction of midbass. It allows helps to minimize resonance while allowing the cone to move more freely. Ideally, the surround should be rigid enough to withstand physical stress and high operating temperatures. Most midrange speakers are equipped with a rubber surround to provide quality performance and long life. Other less expensive materials include cloth and foam.

Compatibility with other speakers

As mentioned, a midrange speaker is responsible for midrange frequencies only. However, for you to have a full spectrum of sound, it is important to incorporate a woofer for the low-end sounds and a tweeter for the higher frequencies. Ideally, you’ll need to pair your midrange speaker with a good subwoofer and a couple of tweeters to get a full component system. You may also need to get an external amplifier and install a crossover to direct various frequencies to the appropriate drivers.

Final Verdict

That concludes our top mid-range speakers list. You can go with any of the above 8-inch midrange speakers that suit your system needs. However, if you are looking for a high-end speaker that does it all, Polk Audio RC80i should be your obvious pick.

DS18 PRO-X8.4BMPK is relatively cheaper than Polk Audio RC80i, but just like the latter, it offers the best value for money.

If you’re looking for a decent 8-inch midrange speaker, but without the premium price, then you can’t go wrong with any of the other products on our list.

We hope our review of the best 8-inch midrange speakers has been helpful.

Drop a comment or question below, and let’s talk about it!

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