How Many Tweeters Do I Need? (A Guide)

I am sure most of us have thought about questions like: “Do I need tweeters in my car?” and “how many tweeters do I need?” Well, we are here to help you on this one. The answer to your question is actually quite simple and easy to understand.

If you are like most car audio enthusiasts, you want your system to be as good as possible. Not just in the way of performance, although that is nice too. You also want it to last as long as possible without problems. That is where tweeters come into play.

Tweeters are the small speakers located at the front of your car’s cabin to deliver sound. They’re used to create high-frequency sounds, which you’ll hear when you play music through them. These high frequencies are usually the sound of voices and instruments.

You’ll need to make sure that they’re installed correctly before everything else is set up. You don’t want to get them all tangled up with the rest of your speakers and end up with an unbalanced system.

How Many Tweeters Do I Need

What Are Tweeters?

A tweeter is a tiny speaker that uses a diaphragm and a voice coil to move air. Its size makes it ideal for mounting on the front of your vehicle. A tweeter converts signals into frequencies above 20kHz. It is used to reproduce high-frequency sounds as well as midrange frequencies.

The high frequencies travel better through the air than low frequencies, so tweeters deliver a more powerful sound than other speakers. These speakers’ systems can be found on most vehicles, but they’re not always necessary because they don’t produce much bass.

Tweeters are a vital part of your car’s audio system. They’re found on the front, rear, and subwoofer speakers. Additionally, they are responsible for producing the high-frequency sounds you hear in a song, movie, or game.

Tweeter cones are made from high-quality materials like Kevlar fibers and aluminum for durability, but they can also be made with other materials such as silk or plastic.

Types of Tweeters

Cars have three types of tweeters: coaxial, dome, and compression drivers.

  • Coaxial tweeters use magnets as their diaphragms and cones for producing sound waves.
  • Dome tweeters have a similar tweeter design but use a domed surface instead of a cone.
  • Compression drivers use smaller magnets that are placed around a flexible material in order to produce sound waves.
How Many Tweeters Do I Need in my Car

How Many Tweeters Do I Need in my Car?

The best way to know how many tweeters you need is to listen to them. Listen to them while seated in your car to test the sound they produce.

First of all, find out what kind of speaker set-up your car has. You have three options:

  • An aftermarket stereo system (which means it came from the factory with speakers).
  • A factory stereo system.
  • An OEM system (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that comes standard with your car.

If you have an aftermarket stereo system, there are usually three choices of the best size of car tweeters that you should consider:

Small Car Tweeters

These tweeters are perfect for small cars with a stock stereo because they don’t take up much space and produce good sound levels. The most common tweeters in this category are 2” and 3 1/2” inches.

Medium Car Tweeters

These tweeters can be installed in any type of car and will still produce good quality sound levels even if you have an aftermarket car stereo installed. The most common tweeters in this category are 5.5” 6.5” inches.

Large Car Tweeters

Large car tweeters produce very loud and clear sounds, which makes them ideal for playing music at high volumes in large vehicles like trucks or SUVs. The most common tweeters in this category are 7” 8” 12” inches.

If you have an OEM stereo system, there are no options for speaker size. You can either use what comes on the vehicle or replace them with aftermarket speakers. These come with the same mounting holes as the original.

Secondly, it depends on how your vehicle is set up. You can have one or two tweeters per side, or you can add a subwoofer as well.

If you want to be able to hear your music clearly, then one or two tweeters per side would be enough. This is because they will play the low frequencies and won’t overpower other sounds coming from the rest of the vehicle.

If you want more bass in your car, you might want to consider adding another speaker or two to the mix. These are usually placed under the front seats, where there is more space for them. The number of speakers you choose depends on your budget and what type of sound you want.

Pros and cons of Tweeters in Your Car


  • Wide range of frequencies: there are many different types of tweeters available for cars. This means that you can choose one that suits your music style and personal preference.
  • High-quality sound: A car’s tweeters provide the best sound, especially when the volume is high.
  • More power output than mid-range and woofer speakers, which means better stereo separation and soundstage.
  • More efficient than mid-range and woofer speakers, so less power handling is required to run them at the same volume level, resulting in less heat being generated inside the vehicle.
  • Tweeters can be mounted on the headliner or inside the doors. This makes it possible to install them without cutting holes into your vehicle’s interior, as is often necessary with mid-range speakers and woofers. You can also use different tweeters for different parts of your car.
  • Tweeters can be wired directly into an amplifier, bypassing a subwoofer altogether (this will give you more control over the sound you’re hearing).
  • The tweeters are very close to the driver’s ears, making them easy to aim and focus on.
  • They are very easy to install, especially if you have some experience working with car component speakers in the past.


  • The speakers may produce too much bass due to the size and design of the speaker cabinet.
  • Some of the tweeters may be pretty expensive to purchase.
What Size Tweeters are in My Car

What Size Tweeters are in My Car?

The size of the tweeters is measured in inches. If you want to know the exact dimensions of your tweeters, use a ruler and measure from top to bottom and from left to right.

The car audio manufacturers use different standards for their speakers. Some cars have 2” tweeters and 6” woofers, while others have 3” or 4” tweeters and 6” or 8” woofers. The tweeters in your car are most likely 6.5 inches, but they can be as small as 4 inches or as large as 10 inches.

The larger ones are usually used for mid and high-range frequencies, while the smaller ones are used for low frequencies. Most speakers have a single tweeter and a woofer (two speakers).

The best way to determine what size you need is to measure your current speakers and see if they fit the new ones. If they fit, you can buy them from an online or auto parts store and install them yourself.

The following factors determine the size of tweeters in a car:

  • Quality of materials used.
  • Enclosure design.
  • Location of tweeters.
  • The type and size of the vehicle.
  • The quality of the sound system.

Final Word

We hope that we have answered your question; how many tweeters do I need for optimal sound? You have a lot of flexibility regarding the tweeters you put in your car. You can choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and makeups. Sometimes more isn’t always better.

Ultimately, you need to know the correct number of tweeters for a sound system. Hence the many variables to consider when creating the perfect sound system, including placement and preferences. All the best in your tweeter installation journey, and feel free to give us a comment below. Also, if you have further questions check out this review of tweeters.

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