Klipsch SPL-150 vs SVS PB-2000- Which Subwoofer is Right for You?

Klipsch SPL-150 and SVS PB-2000 are some of the most popular powered subwoofers in the market. However, the two subwoofers are different in their intended target market. And since there are tons of subwoofers out there, it can be an overwhelming job to decide among the various subwoofer models.

In this post, we’ve made your job easier by weighing up SVS PB-2000 vs Klipsch SPL-150 insightfully and in a more practical way.

We have tried and tested both subwoofers in and out, so we’ll be helping you decide the best model out of the two.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the detailed reviews, you can check the comparison table below to help you decide the best choice for you.

Comparison table

Product TitleKlipsch SPL-150Klipsch SVS PB-2000
Size15 Inch ported subwoofe12 Inch ported subwoofer
Frequency response18Hz – 125Hz17-260 Hz ± 3 dB
Amplifier power400 W RMS / 800 W Peak500 W RMS /1100 W peak
Dimensions22.3(D) x 19.5(W) x 21.5(H)23.2″ (D) x 17.3″ (W) x 20.9″ (H)
Weight75.4 lbs.65.6 lbs.

Klipsch SPL-150 Review

Klipsch is one of the most reputable audio brands that have been around for quite some time now. The company offers very competitive products to its users, and this model is no exception.

Klipsch SPL-150 is a hard-hitting 15-inch powered sub designed for medium to large-sized spaces. It offers ultra-deep bass coupled with crisp and clear sounds, making it an excellent choice for watching movies or listening to music.

Product features

I. Cerametallic cone woofer

Klipsch SPL-150 features Klipsch’s signature cerametallic woofer design. This construction is not only light but also exceptionally rigid. It also allows the sub to reproduce an incredible low-frequency response using less power and minimal cone breakup.

Equally important, the subwoofer is compatible with Klipsch WA-2 wireless kit that lets you place your system anywhere in the room. The kit allows for an entirely wireless connection that optimizes the performance of the low-end frequencies.

II. Seamless system integration

The design of this subwoofer integrates line-level inputs that allow you to connect your subwoofer to any stereo receiver or home theater. Moreover, it offers crossover and phase controls that let you adjust the bass to the ideal level or according to your preferences and the size of your room.

Besides, you can use both wireless and RCA inputs to connect to multiple systems simultaneously on a single subwoofer without having to change inputs.

III. Convenient front-firing port design

If placement flexibility is a factor that you are very particular about, then SPL-150 is worth considering for your home theater system. It is designed with Klipsch’s proprietary front-firing internal flare port to allow for multiple placement options. The design of the port also helps to enhance low-end frequencies while minimizing turbulence for a clean and undistorted bass.

IV. Built-in class D amplifier

Klipsch SPL-150 subwoofer comes with an inbuilt high octane 400-watt class D amplifier. This class D design offers the highest efficiency that enables the sub to stay true to the original signal path for cleaner bass reproduction. The preamp design also ensures maximum output and much less distortion of low frequencies.

V. Intricate design

Other details include the rubber feet for absorbing shock, woven cloth grille, and steel grille that gives your subwoofer a premium look. On top of this, its scratch-resistant ebony finish offers full coverage and makes the cabinet look like real wood.

This SPL subwoofer also incorporates an automatic on/off as well as 1/2- W standby mode to help the user save on energy costs.


  • Durable MDF cabinet construction
  • Little to no distortion
  • It delivers deep bass effortlessly
  • You can use various inputs simultaneously
  • Flexible controls
  • All-digital amplifier
  • It is compatible with most home theater systems


  • Very bulky
  • Not ideal for confined spaces

SVS PB-2000 Review

If you are after a subwoofer that is compatible with medium home theater receivers, SVS PB 2000 may be good for you. It offers a better platform to fine-tune the bass in any room, and in addition, the back panel is easily accessible.

We love SVS PB-2000 due to its simplicity and the powerful features it offers. And with its exceptional power handling, you won’t find any subwoofer close to this price range that can reproduce clean bass as PB-2000 can.

Here are the main features that SVS PB-2000 has got to offer you;

I. 500 Watt DSP controlled amplifier

SVS PB-2000 comes with the industry’s most sought-after STA-500D 500 Watt DSP amplifier. This amplifier is mainly found in high-end subwoofers costing twice as much. It is a sophisticated amplifier that sets the standards for the reproduction of bass that you will not only hear but also feel.

The sub also offers an array of controls, including volume and gain controls, as well as phase controls for tuning your settings. Plus, it is fitted with a 0.5 W standby mode to help you save energy.

II. High-performance voice coil

Other than the amplifier, PB-2000 features a heavy-duty voice coil for improved power handling. The voice coil dips all the way to 17Hz for a chest-thumping performance, but without compromising mid and high frequencies. What’s more, the frequency is adjustable, which allows you to match the bass to the size of your room.

III. Powerful 12“output driver

This model is equipped with the newly reinvented 2000 series 12- inch driver that allows the sub to displace more air than similar subwoofers do. In addition, the driver is equipped with dual high-quality ferrite magnets that offer a turbulence-free performance.

The driver also includes a Nomex spider to maximize longevity and improved control, especially when the subwoofer is pushed to the limit. Ideally, this subwoofer is a perfect choice for 5.1 home theater setups and other surround sound configurations.

IV. Front-firing 4 inch port

The SVS PB-2000 is designed with a high-flow, front-firing port that is enhanced with both outer and inner port flares. This design is capable of filling your living space with great bass, regardless of the size of the room. All you’ll experience is ultra-deep bass and quivering movie soundtracks, especially if you love watching movies on your home theater system.

The positioning of the port at the front also helps to cut down back-wall interactions, which ensure flexible subwoofer placement and maximum bass accuracy. Besides, the size is pretty manageable and easy to fit into any space.


  • Accurate and detailed low-end sounds
  • High-efficiency design that is easy to integrate into any home theater system
  • It offers a way to fine-tune the performance to your liking
  • Versatile placement options
  • Attractive styling and finishes that will blend into any décor


  • There are few complaints that it is not as powerful as expected for the price
  • It is costly, but the sub is solid

Klipsch SPL-150 vs SVS PB-2000- Do we have a winner?

You can never go wrong with any of these powered subwoofers. They are both versatile and come with loads of customization options and features.

If you want a bigger subwoofer that will move air with a lot of power, go with Klipsch SPL-150. This subwoofer is designed for deeper bass and greater SPL, plus you can never go wrong with a Klipsch subwoofer.

On the other hand, if ease of use is a primary consideration for you, then SVS PB-2000 is the winner. It is not too boomy, plus it offers flexible connectivity for hassle-free integration into any home theater setup.

We hope you’ll find this comparison helpful!

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