Edifier S350DB vs. S360DB: Make the Right Choice

Edifier is a popular brand for bookshelf speakers that combine high-quality sound and a decent build quality in a compact package.

In this review, we’ll focus on two popular models—Edifier S360DB vs. S350DB, and see which one is best for your needs.

Considering that they are from the same manufacturer, it is obvious that both speakers have several features in common. But they also have distinctive features and unique hardware that sets them apart. For that reason, we have compiled a comprehensive review to give you an overview of the best deal.

Edifier S350DB comes in a perfect size that is easy to fit into different home theater and PC setups. It is also equipped with plenty of connections options, including Bluetooth with aptX technology.

On the other hand, Edifier S360DB is a step of the S350DB, which means more power, powerful bass, and balanced sound even at high volumes.

Without further ado, let’s see how these two Edifier speakers compare with each other.

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Edifier S350DB Review

The Edifier S350DB is an excellent 2.1 speaker system for your home theater or computer room. The system is designed to deliver crystal clear highs and a solid bass that you can feel. Furthermore, the speakers are an ideal size that you can fit on a bookshelf. It is also a good-looking set. The build quality is excellent, so you can expect a major upgrade to your home entertainment system.

Let’s dive deep into Edifier S350DB features.

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Compact set of bookshelf speakers

As we have mentioned, the S350DB is a 2.1 system with fully featured bookshelf speakers. This model brings two (right and left) speakers and a big subwoofer to boost your sound output. Both the speakers and the sub feature a beautiful wooden finish that complements your home décor.

Generally, the audio and video performance is great, and it is a perfect system for anyone looking to add a little oomph to their home theater system.

8-inch Subwoofer

Edifier S350DB rocks a massive 8-inch subwoofer that lets you achieve maximum satisfaction from the booming lows. The subwoofer is the heaviest unit of the entire system, which means it will deliver reliable bass output without breaking the bank.

And although it handles less power than other subwoofers out there, this sub does a great job of making your music, movies, and games come to life.

The sub is also equipped with a bass reflex port on the side panel for efficient air circulation. This port also helps to enhance bass response for all types of music and provides a more solid distortion-free sound.

The back panel houses all the inputs and connectors you need to run the system, including PC, AUX, and more.

Wireless operation

The included remote control allows you to switch between control playback and several inputs from the comfort of your seat. You can use the remote to turn your Bluetooth on/off, or switch between PC, coaxial, optical, and auxiliary inputs. Additionally, you can use the remote to adjust the volume and switch the speakers on or off.

Side panel controls

Side panel The right-side speaker houses the control panel for the entire setup. The operator can use these knobs to control the volume and adjust the bass and treble for the whole speaker system. The panel also features a LED light that lets you know if your 2.1 system is working.

Titanium dome tweeters

If you’re looking to enjoy clear highs with excellent stereo separation, this Edifier set has you covered. It features titanium dome tweeters that deliver a totally immersive experience with a fantastic balance between the lows and the highs. These tweeters are also designed to handle higher power levels for natural-sounding high frequencies.

What we like

  • Numerous connectivity options
  • High volume output
  • Attractive design
  • Powerful bass and clear highs
  • Excellent build quality
  • Both speakers have four rubber feet to keep them in place

What we don’t like

  • The remote control does not include bass and treble controls
  • 150W power output is average

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Edifier S360DB Review

Edifier S360DB is an upgraded version of Edifier S350DB. Now that we have reviewed the S350DB, it’s time to put his sibling to the test. Like its predecessor, the S360DB comprises one subwoofer and two bookshelf speakers as its essential components. This set is a great pick for anyone looking for superb build quality and a great-sounding home theater.

It’s time to dive deep into Edifier S360DB features.

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8-inch wireless subwoofer

Much like its predecessor, Edifier S360DB features an 8-inch subwoofer to provide rich, earth-shaking bass. But here is where it gets interesting. Unlike S350DB, which has most inputs running into the subwoofer, S360DB’s subwoofer unit offers wireless connectivity with only one power cable running behind it.

All other connectivity options are housed on one of the surround speakers. We find this a great move because managing cables from the speakers is much easier. This setup is ideal for those who like to keep it neat and don’t want to deal with the hassle of a wired sub.

High-quality MDF enclosure

Although the front part of the speakers consists of hard plastic, the enclosures are made using high-quality MDF wood. This wood is naturally non-resonant, which means it helps reduce cabinet resonance to ensure you get clear and distortion-free audio. Moreover, its classic vinyl finish gives the speakers a modern look, and it is also a sign of a well-developed setup.

Planar diaphragm tweeters

These tweeters are probably one of the biggest upgrades that Edifier has incorporated into the S360DB model. Compared to the traditional dome tweeters, planar tweeters offers very high sensitivity that provides clear highs that will take your speaker system to a new level.

And when it comes to the mid-range, these speakers feature 4-inch aluminum drivers to provide a clean and full-range sound.

Multiple connectivity technologies

Just like Edifier S350DB, the S360DB allows you to connect with other devices using Bluetooth V4.1 with aptX decoding. This technology is used to compress and decompress audio as it travels from one device to another to ensure that the quality doesn’t get damaged.

Apart from Bluetooth, the S360DB allows you to connect a wide range of audio sources using the provided inputs, including AUX, PC, coaxial and optical.

What we like

  • It offers volume, bass, and treble knobs that let you control the audio output manually
  • High-quality MDF construction
  • Edifier S360DB manual is detailed to guide you through the installation process
  • The wireless subwoofer is an added advantage
  • Multiple audio inputs
  • A wireless remote control is also included to let you access playback and volume controls

What we don’t like

  • Relatively expensive compared to the S350DB
  • Like its predecessor, the total power output could be better

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Edifier S350DB vs.S360DB—Verdict

Edifier’s S-series bookshelf speakers have made a name for themselves in the industry and are probably the best bang for the buck. It is a no-brainer that Edifier S350DB and S360DB have a whole lot of similar attributes, but they also have a couple of differences.

With both, it is possible to connect to other devices using Bluetooth and several inputs to give you unlimited and maximum sound capabilities.

However, Edifier has thrown in several updates to the S360DB making it one of the best 2.1 audio systems out there. Its wireless subwoofer is probably the best feature that makes it a worthy upgrade from the S350DB. When you combine this with its superb build quality and specifications, it totally justifies why the S360DB is worth considering.

We hope this Edifier S360DB and S350DB review has cleared all your doubts on which model to focus on.

Invest wisely!

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