Audio Technica LP3 vs Denon DP300F- The Hot Contest

Audio Technica LP3 vs Denon DP300F

The world of turntables can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re new to vinyl records. For starters, a turntable is specialized audio equipment that is used to reproduce sound recordings. Ideally, a turntable helps to unwrap your audio album in a way that allows you to crank it up, thereby allowing you to experience your … Read More

Best 8-inch Midrange Speakers: In-depth Reviews and Buying Guide

Best 8-inch Midrange Speakers

A midrange speaker, just like the name suggests, is designed to reproduce the middle frequencies. This range is considered the most important part of the audible sound spectrum since it handles the sounds that are most sensitive to the human ear, including the human voice. Ideally, this range can make or break your musical experience. … Read More

Yamaha HS5 VS JBL LSR305: An in-depth Comparison

Yamaha HS5 VS JBL LSR305

Yamaha and JBL are some of the most trustworthy brands in the music accessories industry. These two companies are known to produce high-quality speakers, monitors, subwoofers, and several other audio devices and components. Though it is easy to confuse between these monitors, they are different especially when it comes to performance. If you are wondering … Read More

Edifier S350DB vs. S360DB: Make the Right Choice

Edifier S350DB vs Edifier S360DB

Edifier is a popular brand for bookshelf speakers that combine high-quality sound and a decent build quality in a compact package. In this review, we’ll focus on two popular models—Edifier S360DB vs. S350DB, and see which one is best for your needs. Considering that they are from the same manufacturer, it is obvious that both … Read More

Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa: Choose the Right One

Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa

Over the years, Klipsch has established itself as a brand that releases outstanding designs to offer exceptional performance to its esteemed customers. Today, our attention shifts to some of its top-quality speakers, the Klipsch R-26FA vs R-625FA. Both speakers have a 2-way channel design featuring a 1-inch LTS tweeter and top-firing 5.25-inches cone woofer in … Read More

Klipsch SPL 120 vs R-120SW: Don’t Choose the Wrong One

Klipsch SPL 120 vs R-120SW

Since 1946, Klipsch prides in releasing top-notch subwoofers that pack vast features at reasonable prices. These features vary from subwoofers that warrant punchy bass sound with minimum distortion to subs with an aesthetically appealing design to complement your entertainment system. In short, Klipsch always takes care of your sound needs! The Klipsch SPL 120 offers … Read More

Klipsch R-12SW VS R-100SW: Choose the Right One

Klipsch R-12SW vs R-100SW

“Do I need a subwoofer, and is it important?” This question is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by audiophiles. The answer is simple. A subwoofer should be a top priority if you need enhanced quality sound from your 5.1 system. Most of the speakers in your home theater are incapable of reproducing … Read More

Audio-Technica AT2020 vs Shure SM7B: Which is Right for You?

Audio-Technica AT2020 vs Shure SM7B

Are you a podcaster or a Youtuber and need the best microphone in the market to produce top-tier content for your audience? We are here to solve your problem. We give you an in-depth review of Audio-Technica AT2020 vs Shure SM7B. Looking for a new condenser microphone can be an overwhelming ordeal. You see dozens … Read More

Top 5 Best 6-Inch Subwoofers in 2022: Review & Buying Guide

Best 6-Inch Subwoofers

Choosing a good subwoofer is important for achieving a unique listening experience. Once you decide to add a subwoofer to your audio system, size is one of the most important first-time considerations you’ll make. Bigger subwoofers have the capability to provide richer bass and a significant SPL (Sound Pressure Level), which equates to a louder … Read More

Klipsch SPL-150 vs SVS PB-2000- Which Subwoofer is Right for You?

Klipsch SPL-150 vs SVS PB-2000

Klipsch SPL-150 and SVS PB-2000 are some of the most popular powered subwoofers in the market. However, the two subwoofers are different in their intended target market. And since there are tons of subwoofers out there, it can be an overwhelming job to decide among the various subwoofer models. In this post, we’ve made your … Read More