Integra vs Onkyo- The Heated Debate

Integra vs Onkyo

If you’re looking to enjoy a movie theater experience at home, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality AV receiver. However, choosing a brand that will truly satisfy you and provide the best value for your buck is not always an easy task. Some of the top AV brands include Integra and Onkyo. Each brand … Read More

Types of Audio Connectors: A Detailed List

Types of Audio Connectors

You don’t have to be a visual artist to appreciate the merits of audio connectors. The right connector can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting your music or sound effects right. The audio connector is the medium through which you send and receive sound. It has been around for … Read More

High-Level Input vs Low-Level Input (RCA) – Differences Explained

High-Level Input vs Low-Level Input (RCA)

At first glance, high-level inputs, and low-level inputs, also famously known as RCA inputs, may appear identical, especially for a first-time user. Ideally, the two sets of inputs are found at the back panel of a subwoofer, and they are used to add an aftermarket amplifier to any sound setup. When looking to add a … Read More

Kicker Ds vs CS vs KS: Our In-Depth Review and Comparison

Kicker Ds vs CS vs KS

The Kicker is a brand synonymous with quality, reliability, and power. With nearly 40 years of experience in the speaker market, Kicker has made a name for itself thanks to its high-end speakers for home theater and car audio applications. But does this name hold water when it comes to the KS, CS, and DS … Read More

Are Two Subs Better Than One in My Car? [In-depth Guide]

Car audio system

Are you looking to build a superb car stereo system? Are you wondering, “are two subs better than one in my car?” Then this is the right guide for you. We will tell you more about why sub setups can work and how you might be able to make it work for your particular vehicle. … Read More

500 Watt Vs 1000 Watt Home Theater [Make The Right Choice]

500 Watt Vs 1000 Watt Home Theater

Are you thinking about which brand of home theater system to purchase? Do you want to know the differences between 500 watt vs 1000 watt home theater? Here’s a comparison guide that breaks down each of these home theater systems. A home theater system is a set of components that provide the means for viewing … Read More

NAD vs Marantz—Crucial Differences and Similarities

NAD vs Marantz

If you love music or are a movie fanatic, chances are that you have come across both NAD and Marantz audio devices now and then. Both companies have deep roots in the audio world thanks to their commitment to providing a wide range of loudspeakers for all kinds of listening. But, which manufacturer produces better … Read More

AAC VS FLAC: Which Is The Best?

You have a big party coming up and can’t wait to excite the guests with entertaining music. While choosing a playlist you come across terms like WAV, MP3, ACC, FLAC and so on dubbed on the songs. You have no idea what they are, all you need is good music that your guests can dance … Read More

Stereo Receiver vs. Integrated Amplifier: Which is a Better Choice?

Stereo Receiver vs. Integrated Amplifier

Do you want to set up your music system and are wondering what the best choice between stereo receiver vs. integrated amplifier is? Home entertainment systems are serviced by either receivers or amplifiers. Though these two devices may look the same, there are several differences between them. What determines whether to choose an integrated amp … Read More

Subwoofer vs Woofer: Differences Explained

Subwoofer vs Woofer

People often use the terms subwoofer and woofer interchangeably. And this is wrong because even though these two large speaker systems seem identical and mainly play the low-frequency sounds, kicks, and drops in music, they are completely different in terms of design, cost, size, efficiency, and how they do what they were made to do. … Read More