Why Do I Need a Center Channel Speaker For Music?

Why Do I Need a Center Channel Speaker For Music

The center channel plays an integral part of every home theater system as it is the first place you direct dialogue and ambient sounds when listening to music. This may seem tedious, but since your ears are naturally attuned to the middle frequencies, it can be jarring when you lose this natural balance caused by … Read More

Single Voice Coil Vs Dual Voice Coil: What’s the Difference?

Voice Coil

You have set your sights on acquiring new car subwoofers to give your car that audio ambience that denotes style and class. As you buy your subwoofer, you may have questions about whether to pick the single voice coil or the dual voice coil versions. Knowing the difference between single and dual voice coil subwoofers … Read More

The Definitive Guide on Which Way to Face Subwoofer in Trunk

Which Way to Face Subwoofer in Trunk

Subwoofers are a critical component of any audio system. These specialized speakers not only reproduce deep and strong bass but also take other speakers off the burden of reproducing the low notes. However, for you to get the most out of your car sound system, your sub needs to be compatible with other car speakers, … Read More

CL2 vs CL3 Speaker Wire: Which Should You Go For?

CL2 vs CL3 Speaker Wire

Are you scratching your head at loggerheads over which kind of wire to connect your speakers and amplifier (receiver) to obtain the best quality sound? Maybe you have tried some other kinds of wires that have failed you terribly. Worry not. CL speaker wires are rated wires used mostly for connections that go through ceilings … Read More

DSP vs Equalizer—Different or Same?

DSP vs Equalizer

Car audio enthusiasts, especially new car owners, are appalled at the sound quality of factory car stereos, and most are determined to improve their audio system. One of the best ways that you can ensure your system remains at peak performance is by adding a powerful amplifier and a set of new speakers. While these … Read More

Edifier vs Klipsch Comparison—Let’s Get the Facts Right!

Edifier vs Klipsch

Having the best sound quality is any audiophile’s dream. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a top brand that offers stellar performance coupled with five-star reviews. Edifier and Klipsch speakers are both known for their exceptional audio quality, but what sets them apart? The main difference between Edifier and Klipsch speakers is that Edifier … Read More

Optical vs 3.5MM—Differences and Similarities

Optical vs 3.5MM

Whether you have owned audio components or are new to the industry, you’ve probably come across different audio cables. Choosing the right cables is essential to great sound, and it can make or break your sound system. It is not uncommon to find people spending a fortune to build a world-class hi-fi system only ruin … Read More

Joint Stereo vs Stereo – Easy-to-Digest Analysis

Joint Stereo vs Stereo

In the world of audio engineering, the terms joint stereo vs stereo are used to refer to the form in which audio is encoded in different digital formats. So, what’s the difference between joint stereo and stereo? If you’re going to be handling audio encoding in any application, it is important to understand the difference … Read More

The Ultimate Definitive Technology Vs. Klipsch Guide

Definitive Technology Vs. Klipsch

Audio systems play a special role in our little lives. Perhaps that is why today we have more than a thousand audio system companies in the world. But, with different brand names, you get different perks or features that ease your daily trouble while playing your favorite tunes. However, for this article, we will be … Read More

Dolby Digital vs Dolby Digital Plus- The Ultimate Guide

Dolby Digital vs Dolby Digital Plus

Surround sound plays a critical role in the overall home theater experience. Most home theater receivers offer surround sound, and there are several surround sound formats available. Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus are some of the most famous formats, manufactured in the Dolby lab. The two utilize an audio compression technology famously known as … Read More