Sony SSCS3 vs Polk T50 Review: There’s a Winner

Any audiophile wants their movies and music to sound spectacular. If you’re looking to buy new speakers for your stereo or home theater system, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best. Floor standing speakers are probably your best bet when you’re looking to transform your sound system instantly.

The first set that comes to our mind is the Sony SSCS3 vs Polk Audio T50. We may not have the space or time to compare the speakers in every aspect, but we have highlighted key areas that will help you evaluate the speaker’s capability.

Both speakers are fantastic for surround sound setups, and they also deliver an impressive soundstage. However, in our view, the Sony SSCS3 is an exceptional floor stander, designed to fill any living space with realistic sound. Though compact, it will replicate theater-quality sound to compliment your hi-fi sound system.

On the other hand, the Polk T50 is an equally good option, designed to slot in next to the TV cabinet while taking advantage of its vertical space to save floor space. And unlike its inexpensive counterparts, the T50 offers solid build quality, and it looks good as it sounds.

Quick Overview

Product TitleSony SSCS3Polk T50
Speaker Configuration3-way2-way
Peak Power Handling145 Watts150 Watts
Frequency Response45 Hz to 50 kHz38Hz – 24kHz
Drivers0.75” Tweeter
1” Super Tweeter
Two 5” Woofers
1” Tweeter
6.5” Woofer
Impedance6 Ohms6 Ohms
Sensitivity88 dB90 dB
Cabinet MaterialWoodMDF
Mounting OptionsFloor standingFloor standing
Enclosure TypeBass ReflexBass Reflex

Let’s get started with our in-depth Polk Audio T50 vs Sony SSCS3 and see which of these top-rated floor standers fit the bill.

Sony SSCS3 Review

The SSCS3 is an excellent floor standing speaker for the money- it packs a lot of power and is sure to turn some heads. Rivals such as the T50 below perhaps sound more exciting because of Dolby Atmos, but you’ll easily notice Sony SSCS3’s three-way design is more natural and convincing. Nonetheless, the speaker is a superb performer capable of delivering thrilling results. Furthermore, it rocks a superb design and great sound quality at an attractive price.

Features of Sony SSCS3

Expansive soundstage

The SSCS3 comes with two 5-inch woofers for deep bass and detailed mid-range performance. The woofers are fitted with mica-reinforced cones for greater bass performance and an engaging soundstage that challenges more expensive models. Its 3-way design also includes a ¾” tweeter and an additional 1″ super tweeter to supplement the high-frequency sounds.

Furthermore, its 145 watts peak power rating is decent for the price, and it can comfortably fill medium-sized rooms with rich sound. First-time users we talked to found this speaker to be nicely detailed without being overly harsh.

Hi-res performance

This floor-stander is designed for a hi-res environment, meaning it offers superior sound over compressed audio files. So, if looking to have the best digital music experience, this is the speaker for you. What’s more, the speaker’s crossover is specially designed to minimize signal loss of any digitally compressed music files.

Full frequency audio

Another thing that stands out about this speaker is the incredible wide frequency response spanning up to 50 kHz. Very few speakers can surpass or go half above this range. With this floor stander, you can set up a 2.1 system for your master bedroom to add a little bit of oomph to your movies and music.

Alternatively, you can build a robust 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup by incorporating a complete CS range of speakers. For this set up you’ll need to get two SSCS3 tower speakers, two bookshelf speakers (SSCS5 ), one center channel speaker (SSCS8), two Dolby Atmos speakers, and a compatible subwoofer (SACS9).

Solid wood cabinet

The SCSS3 cabinet is made of wood, a design that helps deliver a natural resonance. Furthermore, the speaker sports a bass-reflex construction meaning it is properly tuned for optimized low-frequency performance.

Another thing you’ll like is the included rubber feet that help isolate the speaker from the floor for reduced vibrations. And as if that’s not enough, the cabinet is covered with a cloth grille for improved protection, though you can choose to take it off to achieve a certain look.

What we like

  • Sound imaging is spectacular
  • It is a versatile 3-way floor stander
  • Bass is strong, but it requires reinforcement(this is where a good subwoofer comes in handy)
  • Dynamic sound across the entire frequency range
  • Construction is sturdy, and the rubber feet are a bonus

What we don’t like

  • Low power handling
  • The need to get an additional subwoofer to boost the bass

Polk Audio T50 Review

The T50 is excellent proof of Polk Audio’s commitment to delivering sparkling performance combined with clever engineering. Its build quality is more usually seen in high-end models, and very few similarly priced speakers can match its performance level. Besides, you’ll like how the cabinet is elegantly put together to provide a solid performance.

Polk T50 Highlights

Impressive 2-way speaker design

This floor standing speaker stands 36.25″ tall in your living room, and no special setup is required. The unit sports one 6.25″ and one 1″ silk dome tweeter for a rich and balanced performance that brings audio to life.

One thing that perhaps set the T50 from its Sony counterpart is the two beefy bass radiators below the woofer. The two front bass radiators are specially tuned to add to the performance of the active woofer. The result of this is a titanic bass plus, you’re able to pick out baselines more easily than ever.

Powerful sound on a tight budget

With 150 peak power handling, the T50 has what it takes to bring music and movies to life. The speaker is designed to expand your entertainment boundaries while offering a bass performance that you always crave for.

However, you need to pair this floor stander with a powerful subwoofer to get the best out of the speaker. Nevertheless, the speaker will make a world of difference in your overall entertainment experience.

Universal compatibility

The best part about this floor stander is that you can build a complete home theater system with other T-series speakers or other compatible speakers. The speaker is compatible with countless home theater receivers , and it gives multiple configuration options. Compatible configurations include standard stereo configurations as well as advanced immersive surround sound setups.

High-quality construction

The T50 features a premium MDF construction that blends naturally into any living room. Although some feel like it is a bit dull-looking, its matte black finish is really cool, plus it does not outdo other furniture or dominate visually in the room. Furthermore, the MDF cabinet is free from distortion and cabinet resonance for clear and detailed audio.

What we like

  • Quality build and finish
  • Lively soundstage exactly the way the artist intended
  • Impressive design despite the comparatively low price tag
  • Terrific details
  • Sound quality is not only entertaining but also engaging

What we don’t like

  • Requires a larger space to shine
  • Minimal distortion, but manageable
  • A good subwoofer is a must if you love to listen to a lot of electronic music

Polk T50 vs Sony SSCS3- Our Take

Head to head, we can confidently conclude that Sony SSCS3 is superior to the T50. The SSCS3 is a lot more advanced, and this translates to much better sound quality. In addition, it offers everything you may want from a high-end speaker while delivering realistic sound that feels natural. We must, however, warn you that you’ll need a good amplifier to push this floor stander.

On the flip side, the Polk Audio T50 deserves your attention if you are on a strict budget. It packs a punch for what it costs, and it will make any movie you match you watch a lot more exciting. In general, the sound quality is great, but the speaker has some rough edges.

We noticed that the highs tend to be a little harsh at times, hence the reason why we rank it below the SSCS3. The issue could be aggravated further if the speaker is placed in an unforgiving listening room, but overall the performance of the speaker is satisfactory.

That brings us to the end of our insightful Sony SSCS3 vs Polk T50 review. Feel free to engage us in the comments section.

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