Skar TX65 Review—A Complete User-Centric Analysis

The 6.5-inch coaxial speakers are perhaps the most talked-about aftermarket car speakers thanks to their compact size and ease of installation. These speakers provide impressive audio performance, and in most cases, they have improved longevity. With the right speakers, you can transform your car stereo from adequate to an impressive high-fidelity sound system.

Skar Audio car speakers are synonymous with excellent power handling and bass performance. The Skar Audio TX65 is no different, and it lives up to the company’s legendary reputation. The speaker set offers numerous design features and high-grade components allowing the speakers to produce high volume output all day long without fail.

Let’s get started with the Skar TX65 review!

Skar Audio TX65 Specs

Speaker Configuration2- Way
Tweeter1″ Silk dome tweeter
Power Handling100 watts RMS
200 watts Peak
Frequency Response45 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity89 dB
Nominal Impedance4 Ohms
Voice coil1.25″ Copper Voice Coil
Mounting Depth2.51″
Cutout Diameter5.75″

Our review is based on reviews from first-hand users of the speakers and extensive research across the board. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Skar Audio TX65 Review

The Skar Audio TX65 are very capable speakers, especially with high and low sounds. The first appearance of the speakers is impressive, and they appear to be made of high-quality materials. The TX65 comes in a two-way coaxial construction for great bass and highs and won’t disappoint when it comes to balanced audio. With these speakers, you’ll get great sound quality from a trusted manufacturer.

Skar Audio TX65 Top Features

Excellent power handling capacity

The Skar Audio TX65 has an RMS rating of 100 watts and a peak rating of 200 watts to provide you with a decent audio experience. Besides, the speakers have a lower power draw which translates to greater compatibility with any car stereo.

Collectively, these speakers have a frequency response of between 45 Hz – 20,000 Hz, which we consider a bit narrow but still more than enough for most car applications. Once you tune your speakers, you’ll enjoy incredibly detailed tones without sounding too tiny or harsh.

High-fidelity dome tweeter

The TX65 coaxial speakers come with high-performance 1-inch silk dome tweeters for clearer and incredibly crispier high-frequency sounds. Furthermore, the silk material adds to the tweeter stiffness, giving you warm and refined high frequencies.

The one-inch tweeters facilitate a smooth transition of the high frequencies while ensuring that they do not overpower the interior of your car. With these tweeters, you don’t need to install additional tweeters or amp making these speakers the best bang for your buck.

High-quality 1.25-inch voice coil

Designed for audio excellence, these Skar 6.5 door speakers utilize a competition-grade 1.25-inch copper voice coil. The coil is designed to perform optimally even under high temperatures or when driving the speakers hard. The unique design of the voice coil also allows the speakers to reproduce clean sound that is free from distortion resulting from flexing experienced under high loads.

Fiberglass cone

These speakers boast a high-quality fiberglass cone that enables them to handle a deep bass response without struggling. Unlike the cheap paper cones used in most speakers, the fiberglass cone appears stiffer, and you can feel this immediately you tap the cone. The cone is also incredibly lightweight, which allows it to reproduce vibrations from the voice coil accurately and without distorting.

Superior TPE surround

These speakers also come with a unique TPE surround that makes them highly responsive across the entire frequency range. The TPE surround keeps the fiberglass cone stable enabling the speakers to produce clean sound regardless of the kind of music you’re into. We are of opinion that this is a great addition and you rarely find this feature on most cheap car speakers. The surround is also attractive and is typically featured on high-end speakers.

High responsive motor design

The TX65 features a powerful ferrite magnet to provide the best-in-class motor design. The magnet delivers a highly-responsive power to your speakers, which ensures all the notes are played precisely and accurately to bring your music to life. The design of the motor also reduces the heat while allowing the speakers to reach very high volumes than what other cheap speakers can’t handle.

Effortless installation

Users have reported that installing the speakers is relatively easy, with most taking about an hour or less to complete the entire process. The speakers will fit into the locations of your factory speakers, but you might need to perform some minor modifications.

The speakers are ideal for use as rear door speakers, which provide a perfect balance between high and bass frequencies. You can also use them as front speakers to offer a dynamic soundstage with a blend of natural sound.

However, you may need to purchase separate mounting brackets, but this will vary depending on desired placement position and your car model.

What we like

  • Installation is super easy
  • Excellent clear audio
  • Ideal for high-range focus
  • High power output
  • Engaging low-end response
  • Decent build quality
  • Delivers quite a punch even without a subwoofer
  • Audiophile-grade clarity

What we don’t like

  • You might require minor modifications during installation, but this will depend on your car model
  • Two-way speaker design only—the midrange is somewhat lacking
  • Narrow frequency range, but it is still sufficient


Skar Audio is a reputable and trustworthy brand, so you can rest assured that the TX65 is worth the higher price you’ll pay. They are high-quality speakers that will provide a major step up from your stock speakers provided that they are tweaked correctly.

What we like most about the TX65 is the premium texture that gives the speakers a high-end appearance on top of the smooth and natural sound. However, we would recommend the speakers if you’re interested more in the high and low-range frequencies and not focusing much on the Mids.

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