Kicker Ds vs CS vs KS: Our In-Depth Review and Comparison

The Kicker is a brand synonymous with quality, reliability, and power. With nearly 40 years of experience in the speaker market, Kicker has made a name for itself thanks to its high-end speakers for home theater and car audio applications. But does this name hold water when it comes to the KS, CS, and DS Series?

This article will discuss three Kicker speakers: Kicker DS Series Speakers, Kicker CS Series Speakers, and Kicker KS Subwoofer. But before that, let’s glimpse what each car speaker series brings to the table.

Kicker DS Series Speakers

Kicker DS Series Speakers

Kicker DS Series speakers are made with high-quality materials, including a durable die-cast chassis and an aluminum cone. The speaker’s cabinet is constructed of MDF, a composite material that combines the sound-absorbing properties of particle board with the stiffness and rigidity needed for high-quality audio performance.

The enclosure features a heavy-duty hinge assembly that allows easy installation and removal of the speaker grille cover.

The speaker’s crossover network consists of two 4-ohm voice coils, which means it can handle up to four of these speakers in parallel without sacrificing quality or clarity. Each pair of speakers has its independent volume control, so you can adjust them independently from one another if necessary.

The Kicker DS Series has a threaded insert for mounting on any surface using screws or bolts. It includes both plastic anchors and metal spikes to ensure that it will hold tight no matter what surface you choose to mount it on.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Perfect option if you have no plans to add an amplifier


  • Muddy sounds at extreme volumes. Learn how to solve it here.
Kicker CS Series Speakers

Kicker CS Series Speakers

You’ll love that the speakers are made of high-quality materials that will last for years. The peak power is up to 10 watts per channel, so you won’t have to worry about losing your music as soon as you turn on the engine. You can also choose from three tweeters, including one with a tweeter horn that offers crisp highs and deep bass tones.

There are also two sets of passive crossovers built into each CS speaker, which means that they’ll be able to handle all types of frequencies with ease—even those produced by loud bass notes or low-frequency rumblings from your engine bay!


  • Great sound quality for the price point
  • Easy installation
  • Good fit with most car models


  • Not as powerful as the KS speaker
Kicker KS Series Speakers

Kicker KS Series Speakers

The KS Series speakers are well known for their high-quality sound and sleek look, making them great additions to any car. They have a good range of frequencies, so they can produce the full and mid-range sounds that you need from your music. And there’s more; the speakers can also handle high volumes of audio without distorting or breaking down.

The KS speakers come in a wide variety of sizes and models, so you can find one that fits your budget and style of music. The speakers are large and easy to handle, so they won’t take up much space in your car.


  • Clear sound for all types of music
  • Can handle high volumes without distortion or breaking down
  • Bass-heavy sound, perfect for rock and other heavy genres
  • Wide variety of sizes and models


  • Quite costly

Choosing Your Best Pick

I know what you are thinking: “Which speaker should I go for given the great specs that each of these speakers prides in?” Worry not; our experts took the challenge to provide you with the best comparison in terms of power handling, sound performance, customizability, and cost. So, follow through!

Sound Quality

If sound performance tops the list of your priorities, then the KS series is the model to budget on. Its premium quality woofers ensure you get crisp and deep lows, giving you a memorable experience listening to your favorite tunes. Thanks to its dampened polypropylene cones butyl rubber surround, the speaker can now withstand high power.

The CS series provides impressive performance when powered with lower wattage. As long as you keep the volumes low, you can rest assured that the sound will be worth every buck. Kicker Ds is a perfect option for audioholics who have no plans to incorporate an amplifier or receiver in their car audio system.

Car Speaker Sizes

Some common car speaker sizes include 3.5 inches, 6×8 inches, 5.25 inches, 4 inches, 4×6 inches, 6.75 inches, and 6×9 inches. Any speaker size within this list, whether KS vs Ds or CS, can easily be fit into your car. However, if the sizes of your car speakers range from 2.75 inches, 4×10 inches, and 6×9 inches, perhaps you should plan to have the Kicker KS series. Check your speaker size to be sure which Kicker speaker best suits you.


Ds and CS coaxial speakers from Kicker feature UV-treated foam surround that guarantees longevity of your speakers even in adverse climates. Contrariwise, the KS is crafted from Butyl rubber surrounds that are more sturdy than their UV-treated counterparts. So, next time you shop for your favorite kicker speaker, always consider the prevailing climate in your area.


The prices vary depending on what each car speaker offers to you. Out of the three, Ds stands out as the cheapest and most affordable speaker line, while the KS needs you to invest heavily. However, you can rest assured that the price is worth the returns. The CS series is somewhat mid-priced and gives you the perfect balance between cost and sound quality. However, if you want a speaker that can handle power coming out of your amplifier, then have a plan to purchase a Kicker KS series.

Kicker Ds vs CS vs KS

Kicker KS vs CS vs DS: Summarized Comparison Table.

Below is our summary of the contrast between Kicker KS vs DS vs CS car speakers.

FeatureKicker DsKicker CSKicker KS
CustomizabilityCoaxial onlyCoaxial & ComponentCoaxial & Component
Resistance4 Ohms4 Ohms4 Ohms
Peak Power240 W300 W>300 W
Speaker SurroundUV-treated foam surroundsUV-treated foam surroundsButyl Rubber surrounds
Sound QualityAverage BetterMuch Better

However, these speakers have some similarities. Firstly, they all have coaxial speakers with a majority of shared speaker sizes. Although the speakers have differing levels of durability, the years of quality each speaker gives you is worth the term: durable speakers.

Final Verdict

Choosing between kicker CS vs DS vs KS car speakers is simply a case of quality sound, easy mounting, and affordability. For instance, if your priority is a car speaker that can handle punchy and deep lows that will crank your speakers, then the KS should be your number one priority. On the other hand, the Ds series offers easy installation, thanks to its heavy-duty hinge assembly and thread insert for easy mounting. For a blend of premium sound and affordability, just place your order and turn your car into a concert arena.

We hope that this review was helpful. Kindly share your concerns in the comment section.

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