How to Increase Volume of Speakers without An Amplifier

Do you want to make your speakers sound louder without using an amplifier? If you like loud music, then it is likely that you may have considered improving your music system. Though one of the most common ways of having a heavier bass and louder music is by using an amplifier, you can still increase the volume of your speakers without using it.

Several people find listening to loud music in the car or at home therapeutic. If you want loud music but you do not have an amplifier, there are several things and adjustments that you can make to increase the volume of your speakers.

If you want to know how to increase speakers’ volume without an amplifier, we have the right solutions for you. Here are some tips to make your speakers louder without an amp.

1. Use High-Quality Wires and Connectors

It is normal for speakers to deliver weak sound or low volume after prolonged use. This may have nothing to do with your music system. The decrease in volume can be a result of weakened wires and connectors.

Though speaker wires are coated with plastic, they are made of copper. Therefore they can lose their quality, and this will also affect the volume that they deliver. To increase the volume of your speakers, check on your speakers’ wires and connectors and, if possible, replace them with new ones. It would be best if you also remembered to replace your wires and connectors periodically to avoid dealing with a decrease in volume.

Increase Volume of Speakers by adding Subwoofers

2. Add Subwoofers

Installing a subwoofer is one of the most common ways of increasing the volume of your speakers. Subwoofers work like loudspeakers. They amplify the low-audio frequency output that your stereo submits. This ensures that they enhance the volume output of any speaker in your car.

Note that there are two types of subwoofers that your car can use; passive and active. Passive subwoofers use external amps, while active subwoofers have an in-built amp and do not need the help of an external amp. The latter is what you need.

When installing the subwoofers, you should also consider where you place them. If you want to know how to make your subs hit harder, place them in an area with a lot of space on all sides to prevent too much vibration from the surrounding surfaces because it distorts the sound. Remember, the better the quality of the subs, the better the bass produced. Just make sure that you use the right subwoofer and install them like a pro.


3. Damping

This is one of the most effective tips that you can use to boost the volume of your speakers. The design of a speaker’s enclosure and the space that the speaker is installed can cause some vibration effects, which affect the output and quality of the sound they produce.

Adding insulating material to your car, also known as damping, can help reduce the effects of vibration or rattling, and this will improve your sound quality. Dampen your car floor, doors, and trunk with quality dampers, and you will notice a huge change in the volume output.

4. Add Tweeters

Unlike subwoofers, tweeters are designed to create high-frequency output. They will make your speakers sound better and will create maximum bass and enough sound frequency. When you combine tweeters and subwoofers, you will take your volume to another level.

Remember to buy quality tweeters because the type of tweeter you buy will also determine the quality of sound you get. It is also vital that you install the tweeters correctly.

5. Noise Isolation

Another way to increase the volume of your speakers is to soundproof your car using asphalt sheets. When you apply asphalt sheets to the doors and floor, the inaccuracies and resonances reduce. The bass will also be more profound and detailed at high volumes. It is also essential to isolate and mitigate any interior noise from your engine to make your stereo louder.


6. Use Capacitors

When you play music at a high volume or bass, your sound system creates a vibrating and rattling effect that can also affect your vehicle’s performance. When your speakers do not get a sufficient power supply, they will perform poorly. To get quality sound, use capacitors to supply the speakers with the power they need to perform at optimum.

Capacitors do not supply power continuously. They store energy and will only supply power when you play music at a high volume. These devices will also ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly regardless of the speakers’ output.

7. Play Quality Music

The quality of music you play will also determine the quality of sound you get. If you are downloading or streaming songs, you can get options such as 128 kbps, 320 kbps, and more. There are also various formats that you can stream or download music, such as Mp3 or Mp4. Several people use Mp3 because it is high-quality and several devices support it.

Note that when you play a song with 128 kbps, it will offer the same quality as a radio output. If you want to know how to amplify speakers without an amplifier, stream or download songs with 320 kbps because they offer higher sound quality and volume output.

8. Use Add-ons

If you are looking out for ways on how to make a speaker louder without an amp, you can consider using add-ons. There are several handy gadgets that you can use to control and tune the volume levels of your speakers. Non-invasive add-ons can help you tune your speakers and subwoofers as per your need.

Gadgets like single processors, Bluetooth kits, and equalizers will give you better control of the sound system.

Final Word

Everyone loves good quality music from highly performing speakers. Sadly, not everyone knows how to increase the volume of speakers without an amplifier. Even worse, you might be short on gear, meaning that you have to seek alternative solutions for high-quality music. If you enjoy listening to loud music and want to get the best out of your sound system, use these tips to increase speakers’ volume in your car without an amplifier. Remember, there is always room for improvement, and you can use more than one method and still be able to listen to good quality music without an added battery or amp.

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