Elac Debut 2.0 B5 2 vs B6 2— A Comprehensive Analysis

If you’re looking to fill your living room with great-sounding tunes but do not have space for larger floor standers, the solution is always bookshelf speakers. Over the years, Elac Debut has excelled in producing some of the best bookshelf speakers, including high-end and entry-level models. Amongst its new releases are the Elac Debut 2.0 B5 2 and B6 2.

The Elac Debut B5 2’s are award-wining bookshelf speakers and an excellent entry-level set. It is amongst audiophiles’ favorites because it is dynamic and sounds more alive than any other speaker in the price range. In addition, this budget-priced speaker is well-made, and it rivals some of the best in class.

On the other hand, B6 2 is often the first recommendation for anyone looking for audiophile-quality sound from a compact package. Furthermore, its classic finish is exemplary, as is the warm performance. So between these two Elac Debut siblings, which is the best pick for your budget?

Elac Debut 2.0 B5 vs B6 Specs Comparison

Product TitleElac Debut 2.0 B5 2Elac Debut 2.0 B6 2
Power Handling120 watts max120 watts max
Frequency Response46Hz – 35kHz44Hz – 35kHz
Impedance6 ohms6 ohms
Configuration2-Way: 5.25″ woofer
1″ cloth tweeter
2-Way: 6.5″ woofer
:1″ cloth tweeter

From the specs, it is easy to pick that Elac Debut 2.0 B6 2 challenges its small brother in terms of bass power and flexibility.

Now let’s begin the in-depth review!

Elac Debut B5 2 Review

The Elac Debut B5 2 is one of the best bookshelf speakers you’ll ever find for the money. The pair is a successor and update of the company’s B5, with the newer model offering a total overhaul in terms of design and performance. So, if you’re in the market for a set of bookshelf speakers that will provide style and substance, Elac’s B5 2 is a good place to start.

Product’s Highlights and Features

Aramid Fiber Woofer

The design of the B5 2 incorporates a 5-1/4″woven aramid woofer that lets you enjoy a wide range of music tunes. Each speaker accommodates a wide frequency response from 46 Hz to 35 kHz and up to 120 watts max power. Furthermore, the aramid fiber cone comes in a unique shape from the original B5s, which helps revamps its stiffness and damping.

Improved Tweeter Design

Apart from the woofer, the B5 2 two-way design integrates a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter for extended high-end performance. The tweeter is positioned behind the distinctive grille, which is a major upgrade from its predecessor.

In addition, the tweeter comes with an expansive surround that helps extend the top-end performance up to 35 kHz. Furthermore, with the extended waveguide, you can anticipate a sparkling top end minus diffraction modes inherent in standard tweeters.

Front Firing Port

Another feature you’ll like about these speakers is that the bass is tuned using a front-firing port. Unlike a rear port which tends to be fussier about placement, having the vent at the front allows you to be more flexible, especially when placing your speakers against a wall. It also makes the speakers less sensitive to your listening position, but you may want to place them on a rigid surface.

Rigid MDF Enclosure

Great sound demands a solid cabinet, and Elac’s engineers did not take any chance when it comes to laying the foundation for these attractively-priced speakers. Just like the former B5 version, the B5 2 cabinet is made of rigid MDF, which is specially designed to minimize resonance and unwanted cabinet distortion. And as if that’s not enough, the cabinet includes single-wire terminals for easy connection with your amplifier or receiver.

What we like

  • Clear sound
  • The sound stage is solid
  • Excellent build quality
  • Pretty affordable

What we don’t like

  • Its direct competitor, the B6 2 below, is more powerful
  • Non-powered; requires to be wired wiring to an external amplifier

Elac Debut 6.2 Review

The Elac Debut 2.0 B6 2 is an upgraded version of the B5 2 mentioned above, and just like the latter, it doesn’t disappoint. Furthermore, the B6 2 is equipped with larger woofers to ensure that you get enhanced mids/bass and reduced distortion levels. The built construction is also more robust than its predecessor, plus it is aesthetically pleasing.

Product’s Highlights and Features

New Aramid Fiber Woofer

Perhaps one of the biggest improvements that Elac Debut 2.0 B6 2 has over its predecessor the B5 2 is the new and improved aramid fiber woofer cone. The B6 2 comes with a larger 6.5″ woofer, which translates to a tighter bass response. Furthermore, the aramid fiber cones are paired with an oversized magnet to help achieve a smoother low-frequency response.

Convenient Reflex Port

Elac Debut 2.0 B6 2 improved front-firing port is yet another feature that helps to add significant weight to the low-end response. That’s not all. Having the reflex port on the front sides of the speakers means you can place your speakers against the back of the wall without compromising their overall performance. However, the manufacturer still recommends taking them off walls to avoid booming bass.

Sturdy MDF Cabinet with Internal Bracing

Apart from the ports, both speakers come with a new MDF cabinet for effortless placement. The cabinets are fitted with internal bracing to minimize vibration and potential cabinet resonances. Furthermore, the new cabinet construction offers significant improvements in terms of build quality and overall sound quality.

Expansive high-end response

The new cabinet design is not the only improvement. The B6 2 comes with a revamped 1″ soft-dome tweeter and an additional roll surround for an extended high-end response. Furthermore, the B6 2’s tweeter comes with a handy dust cap, which is engineered to make the speaker more responsive. However, with a frequency response of 44 Hz to 35 kHz and a sensitivity rating of 87dB, these budget speakers are best suited for small-to-medium-sized living spaces.

What we like

  • Plenty of detail
  • It is somewhat stylish
  • Built quality is also solid
  • The front ports help eliminate problems associated with placing the speakers against a solid surface
  • Superior bass performance

What we don’t like

  • Much like their predecessors, the B6 2s are non-powered
  • The boxy design may not be appealing to some users

Elac Debut 2.0 B6 2 vs B5 2—Final Verdict

From the above discussion, it is easy to see that both are some of Elac’s finest efforts. These Elac Debut bookshelf speakers offer first-class build quality, thus giving mediocre bookshelf speaker brands a run for their money. Basically, the primary acoustic difference between B5 2 and B6 2 is the cabinet, and woofer size and hence the difference in the amount of bass.

Elac Debut 2.0 B5 2 vs B6 2

Elac Debut B5 2 is your to-go budget bookshelf speaker if you’re after a set that is simple and comfortable to listen to. However, compared to its big sibling, the B5 2 seems somewhat laid back, but the overall performance is satisfying.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that will not only sound big but bolder, then your best bet is the Elac Debut B6 2. We also noted that it is livelier, especially for a bookshelf speaker at its price range. Furthermore, the increase in cabinet size translates to a bigger soundstage while ensuring that listeners get to enjoy a three-dimensional sound.

All things considered, we are of opinion that the B6 2 is the ultimate winner of Elac Debut 2.0 B5 2 vs B6 2 sibling rivalry. However, the B5 2 still offers a satisfying performance, so we’ll not make a blanket recommendation. That said, we’ll leave you to choose the set that’s best for you.

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