Audio Technica LP3 vs Denon DP300F- The Hot Contest

The world of turntables can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re new to vinyl records. For starters, a turntable is specialized audio equipment that is used to reproduce sound recordings. Ideally, a turntable helps to unwrap your audio album in a way that allows you to crank it up, thereby allowing you to experience your favorite music just the way the artist intended.

Both Audio Technica and Denon have dominated in producing some of the best turntables out there. Whether you’re looking to venture into the world of turntables or just want to update your old record player, these two manufacturers will always have something for your needs.

The Audio Technica LP3 and Denon DP300F are both designed for purists, plus they are impossible to beat for the price. What’s more, these turntables offer a more economical solution to anyone looking to enjoy a great recording. That said, here is an in-depth comparison of Denon DP300F vs Audio Technica LP3. But first, here is a quick comparison of both turntables;

Comparison Table

Product TitleAudio Technica LP3Denon DP300F
Mode of operationFully automatedFully automated
MotorBelt drivenBelt driven
Detachable power cableC7N/A
Built-in phono preampYesYes
Signal-to-noise ratio50 dB60 dB

Audio Technica LP3 Overview

If you are looking for a turntable that is not only enjoyable but also easy to use, then this is it. The Audio Technica LP3 is an ideal choice for beginners or vinyl users on a tight budget. Tonally, everything seems nicely balanced, plus it delivers the music with a touch of cohesion and vitality. So if you’re looking to upgrade your vinyl record assortment with an incredible budget record player, the Audio Technica LP3 is a good place to start.

Key Features

Switchable preamp

One of the most striking features of the LP3 is the included switchable preamp that lets you connect your record player to nearly any sound system. The LP3 is effortless to assemble and is easy to integrate into any home theater setup. Ideally, you don’t need to make complicated connections in order to start enjoying your vinyl- all you need to do is hook it up directly to your pair of stereo speakers/ receiver, and you’re good to go.

Control features

The LP3 is not only a great budget option but also surprisingly easy to use. The record player comes with a convenient Start button that you can use to play your recordings. It is also equipped with a Stop button which prompts the tonearm to return to its initial position once you stop playing a record. You can also use the tonearm lift switch to raise or lower the arm as needed.

Engulfing sound stage

Another thing that makes the LP3 one of the best turntables of all time is its rich, engulfing sound stage. This unit also delivers warm sound that brightens up your vinyl records while ensuring it remain as close to the original recording as possible. Furthermore, the LP3 comes in an aesthetically pleasing design making it a perfect choice for listening to your vinyl collection at home or in the studio.

Heavy-duty aluminum construction

The platter of the turntable is made of die-cast aluminum which helps reduce resonance significantly. The platter is also fitted with a 0.16″ rubber mat for extended service life and to help keep unwanted noise at bay. The sturdy base construction is also believed to reduce low-end frequencies coloration that might compromise the overall sound quality.

Advantages of Audio Technica LP3

  • Fun to use
  • Detailed sound
  • Attractive and catchy design
  • The auto-off feature is a bonus
  • An appealing choice for budget users
  • Effortless installation
  • The tonearm is lifted smoothly ensuring that it does not damage or scratch your records

Disadvantages of Audio Technica LP3

  • The plastic parts feel somewhat cheap
  • Vinyl sound quality could be better

Denon DP300F Overview

Denon DP300F is undoubtedly one of the best-value turntables on the market, and it is for good reasons. Unlike other cheaply made record players, the DP300F offers an extra layer of clarity to your recordings, thus allowing you to enjoy a class-leading sound. In addition, this turntable is well-engineered, making it to remain the obvious choice in its class.

Key Features

Well-though design

Denon DP300F features a thick 4mm thick wall cabinet which helps to undesired vibrations that can compromise its performance. In addition, the record player comes in an attractive gloss coating that blends seamlessly with any décor. What’s more, its refined design allows you to easily fit your unit with the rest of the components.

Inbuilt phono preamp

The primary selling point of the DP300F is the inbuilt phono preamp that facilitates a straightforward connection with the rest of your audio system. In addition, the phono preamp comes in a switchable design to allow you to connect your unit using the standard auxiliary input found at the back of your AV receiver. However, you can choose to bypass the preamp if your AV receiver comes with a dedicated phono input.

Automated playback

One of the features that make the DP300F the to-go-to record player is its fully automated playback. Once you’ve selected your record size all you need to do is activate the tonearm with the touch of a single button, which in turn initiates the playback automatically. In addition, the tonearm is designed to automatically return to its default position once the music stops playing.

Optional manual lifter operation

If you love to do things manually, you can use the included arm lifter to set or remove the needle on a need basis. Ideally, the manual operation helps ensure you remain in full control during recording while minimizing the chance of an error.

Advantages of Denon DP300F

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • The design includes a convenient aluminum platter
  • Incredible hookup flexibility
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Very minimal assembly is required
  • Hands-free operation

Disadvantages of Denon DP300F

  • Quite pricy, but it is worth every penny
  • Some buttons feel cheap

Audio Technica LP3 vs Denon DP300F- Our Verdict

If you love to listen to vinyl records, whether at home or while in the office, we can assure you that these two turntables will make you fall in love with your music all over again. Both Audio Technica LP3 and Denon DP300F are superb engineering feats specially designed to change the way you listen to music. What’s more, these turntables work with most AV receivers, thus allowing you to connect them with any sound system to reproduce an unrivaled audio quality.

If you’re new to vinyl records or the world of music recording in general, Audio Technica LP3 is a perfect starter turntable. The best part about this Audio Technica record player is that it allows you to enjoy finer music details that you may have been missing before. As such, we confidently believe it is one of the best budget-friendly turntables for any beginner vinyl enthusiast.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of rich tones and love to experience the warm sound of vinyl, then we recommend you dig deeper into your pockets and invest in Denon DP300F. Although its price can be a turn-off, the DP300F is undoubtedly one of the best vinyl players you can buy today. Regardless of the type of music you love to listen to, this turntable makes your music experience a pure joy to listen to.

What we like most about both turntables is that they are fully automated plus, they sound good as they look. That brings us to the end of our Denon vs Audio Technica turntable review. If you’re not a veteran in vinyl, we hope this guide will help you choose a record player that will suit your music taste and budget.

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