Klipsch R 610F Review: Should You Buy These Tower Speakers?

Klipsch reference series speakers are every audiophile’s first destination when they plan to upgrade their home speaker setup. Probably you’re here because you need something that offers more gusto than in-wall, bookshelf, and center channel speakers. From experience, Klipsch never disappoints!

Your apartment may be massive in terms of size, and therefore, a sound system investment that matches the size is worth consideration. And that’s where Klipsch R-610 Floorstanding speakers come in. The dual speakers have incredible features that will take your movies and music to another level!

We’ll get to that in a bit! But for now, let’s have a general view of the specs of these tower speakers.

Klipsch R-610F Floorstanding Speakers- Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 37 x 15.1 inches
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency response: 45 -21000 Hz
  • 1800Hz crossover frequency
  • Weight: 36.0 pounds (each piece)
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB
  • 2-way speaker configuration
  • RMS/Peak power handling: 85 watts/340 watts
  • Bass reflex via rear-fire Tractrix ports.

Klipsch Reference R 610F Review

The first thing that will catch your attention once you unwrap these speakers is the grille that covers the speakers’ diaphragm. The grille protects the diaphragm against destruction. Removing the grille exposes the copper-spun diaphragm that offers you striking beauty to give your room the perfect aesthetic touch.

Need more than just an overview? Let’s dive into the features that prove the power of this great unit.

Sleek Design

There’s a non-resonated MDF cabinet that aims at giving you a life-like music experience and enhanced sonic accuracy. The thick baffles prevent the speakers against unwanted vibrations that may cause sound distortion.

Having ugly fingerprint smudges all over your speaker can be heartbreaking. But, we’ve got good news for you: Klipsch designed speakers with scratch-resistant textured wood-grain vinyl veneer. That way, you’ll have a durable unit that maintains its beautiful looks while giving your living room a premium outlook.

The Klipsch R-610 floor standing speakers weigh 36 pounds per unit. This weight allows you to move the speakers to any location within your living room with much ease. Although the speakers stand tall at the height of 37 inches (speakers not aligned at the same level with ears), the sound quality you enjoy makes the height unnoticeable.

Just the Drivers You Need

The Klipsch R-610 speakers feature two drivers; Spun copper IMG woofer and Horn-loaded LTS tweeters. The injection-molded graphite woofer cones are extremely light and rigid. Making them withstand deep and powerful lows with minimal cone distortion and breakup.

Pairing the IMG woofer cones with an LTS aluminum tweeter ensures that you get crisp and detailed performance. The LTS tweeter’s suspension is engineered using Kapton material to improve resolution and detail while playing your favorite music and movies. Thanks to its stiff, light, and highly efficient nature.

In short, the drivers in these speakers work towards giving you clearer and better sound quality.

Sound Quality

The Klipsch R-610 floor-standing speakers feature an elevation channel that allows the copper spun IMG woofer and the LTS tweeter to be placed upwards. Since the unit has a built-in Dolby Atmos system, the speakers can fire the sound off the ceiling to give you an immersive feeling.

Having punchy and deep lows brings life to the music coming out of your speakers. These floor-standing speakers provide you with deeper bass than bookshelf and in-wall speakers. In return, you get a more comprehensive range of movies and music to play.

The Klipsch R-610 speakers have a frequency response of 45 Hz – 21 kHz. This range allows the speaker to excellently handle the lows and highs coming from your speakers to give you a cinematic experience. And the beauty of it is you enjoy a rich and uplifting bass even before you add a subwoofer in your home theater setup.

Lastly, a tapered-array crossover enhances dispersion, resulting in an augmented midrange frequency definition.

Exclusive Tractrix Horn Technology

Klipsch reference R-610F features 90×90 Tractrix Horn technology. This feature ensures that the highs from the source are directed towards you while reducing artificial reverberation caused by sound mirroring off the walls. Therefore, you’ll get crispy-clear, detailed, and dynamic sound.

Need to experience the power and detail of live music performances? Well, this technology ensures that you get a clean and natural sound that will turn your living room into a concert arena.

Rear Tractrix Port

The Tractrix ported enclosure creates an airy and ideal airflow with minimal sonic interference and distortion even at the deepest lows. Therefore, you’ll enjoy deep and rich lows that will crank your speakers.


  • The remarkable low-frequency response allows the speakers to produce deep bass extension.
  • Augmented midrange frequency definition
  • Perfect speakers for live music performances
  • Tractrix port creates ideal airflow with minimal sonic interference even at the deepest lows.
  • The spun copper diaphragm gives your speakers an aesthetic touch
  • The scratch-resistant textured wood-grain vinyl veneer prevents ugly fingerprint smudges.
  • Dolby Atmos provides a life-like sound and an immersive experience.
  • Klipschorn technology gives you a more expansive “sweet listening spot.”


  • A combined weight of 72 pounds can be bulky
  • Quite costly but rest assured that the sound is worth it.

Klipsch Reference R 610F Floorstanding Speakers Review – Final Verdict

By now, you may have considered the need to upgrade your home theater system. And Klipsch R-610F Floorstanding speakers are a perfect place to look at. If your room is spacious, the Klipschorn technology comes in place to provide stereo imaging and extend the sweet spots in your room.

Although these dual speakers are costly, you can rest assured that the level of performance you get from them is worth every dime. It’s a big step to upgrade to these speakers, and the best advice we can give is, “go for it.”

We hope that this review makes it easy for you to make an informed decision.

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